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  1. Projects Lumber rack/cart

    A couple weeks ago I came across a good deal on some 2x3 construction lumber. So ironically I built a lumber cart/rack to hold it all, along with whatever else i had stacked.
  2. MFSC shop cart

    Designed this cart for my workshop, I had the idea 3 years ago because I needed a cart to roll around parts from machine to machine, occasionally an additional work bench, height adjustable assembly table, panel cart or drying racks when doing finishes. So I thought of a way to combine these...
  3. Lumber / Panel Cart Modification

    Years ago Grizzly sold a lumber and mobile panel cart. To stabilize the cart from tipping over each caster unit was wider than the panel holding portion. For years in The Wood Buddies we just "stuffed" lumber, full sheets, and panel off-fall into the cart. This ended up scratching some of the...
  4. drywall cart

    Starting with a simple base and wheels, the project was completed out of scrap lumber using deck screws in an afternoon. The bottom edge of the sheet was held in place by a 2×2 acting as a cleat and running the length of the cart. The two angled supports were connected together end to end by a...
1-4 of 4 Results