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  1. Cedar Hope Chest using Reclaimed Wood

    About a month and a half ago, I finished and presented a hope chest using all reclaimed wood to a family who gave it to their daughter for her 18th birthday. A few days after that I was contacted by one of their friends who wanted me to build an exact duplicate for the same reason! This one...
  2. Claude the Artist Automaton

    Claude is working on the the sky. Just trying to get it right.
  3. palette cutting board

    Christmas present for my artist sister. Rock maple board. Variety of woods for the paint splotches, including curly maple, cherry, apple, cedar, purple heart, and walnut. hand scraped (too big for the planer). butcher block oil finish.
  4. Artist's palette table

    My little upcycling project, used kitchen quartz worktop offcut and few posts … Please watch the making video
  5. Palette Topped Breakfast Nook Table & Bench

    This is a breakfast nook table and bench set that I built to replace a glass table. The basic structure is made from 3/4 inch plywood and then it was overlaid with clear pine and palette pieces. The table top was then given a thick glaze coat to protect the surface.
  6. Wood Spool Table

    This is a table made from half of a large wood spool, some iron pipe and palette parts. The spool top is just short of 48 inches across and about 2 inches thick. I added black iron pipe legs and have a cross support made from palette parts. It was topped off with a glass table top from an...
  7. Foyer/Hall Table from a Wood Spool and Table Saw

    I'm sure that like most of you I got my first set of tools as hand-me-downs. Mine came mostly from my father and my great grand father. Part of that original collection was an old Craftsman table saw from my father. I used it for nearly 12 years after it was already well used by him. After...
  8. The ones that didn't make it #1 - "Palette"

    Some of you might know that I have been working like a slave to build pieces for an upcoming exhibition called "Out of the wood". I was fortunate enough to be asked to enter. Monday past I submitted 15 pieces to the gallery. Only 2 works were rejected by the curators, so I am happy. "Palette"...
  9. Daughter's artist pallette

    I made this a couple years ago for my daughter. I think the main plank is padauk and the inlay I know is purpleheart. I just used a hand chisel for the finger grooves and sanded them down to a smooth 300-grit finish. Lots of sanding. Lots. I just coated it with 4 or 5 coats of high-gloss poly...
  10. Cedar Lined, Engraved Hope Chest

    This was created on commission from a co-worker and good friend to be given to his daughter for her 18th Birthday. His wife and daughter love the "Reclaimed Look" and found a picture on the internet (where else?) of a hope chest made entirely out of palette pieces. They wanted to know if I...
  11. Finishing
    I'm building something out of QSWO and need to match the color to the existing furniture. I've looked over my copy of Charles Neil's Finishing: Simply Put and looked at a number of web resources. So, I'm not interested in ammonia fuming or any other technique that gives QSWO "the best" color...
1-11 of 11 Results