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  1. Projects Marble Padauk Bowl

    This 5x3” bowl is African Marble Padauk. This is not common coloring for this wood. Wood is also extremely oily. It took almost 50 coats. Had to remove finish 7 times due to finish not sticking to wood.
  2. Bonfire

    This is what I hope to be the first in a long line of my new projects. This is what I would call my first "artsy" piece (as in I designed it more for looks than function). The title derives (for obvious reasons) from the "flame" maple and the red of the padauk. I decided to overstate the...
  3. 2's my favorite 1

    For my wife's birthday, which was on Mother's day weekend, I made this box of spalted maple and (surprise) padauk!. There were some bumps along the way, but it turned out pretty nice. I filled it with rose petals and added the lyrics of an appropriate song. She was very pleased and grateful...
  4. Mystery Box

    This project was made at the request of my son and future daughter-in-law for their wedding reception. It was made to receive cards and notes from guests. I built it as a "mystery box" that looks like it has no way of being opened. It makes use of what is known as a "shaker latch" of the type...
  5. Started months ago just finished it today. Cigar box guitar

    I started this guitar months ago but it sat around unfinished. I decided to wrap it up today. Its a short version with a poplar neck with padauk inlaid into it. It has frets to scale for its size. Its a 4 string and it feels really solid which is different from others i have seen, they...
  6. Signature shop clock with big numbers

    I have a small shop clock, but the numbers are too small to make it easy to read the time. I came across this plan for a Signature Shop Clock, and it looked neat… I built one. The main background plate is walnut. The plans call for an ash mallet, but I switched to a maple mallet...
  7. Wine Stoppers

    Variety of Wine Stoppers. From left to right (Kingwood, Padauk, Cocobolo, Tulip wood, Purple Heart, Birdseye Maple and Purple heart.
  8. badgers shutbox game

    My uncle remodeled his kitchen a year or so ago and gave me a truckload of oak trim for free. I decided to make him a Wisconsin badgers themed shut the box game for Christmas. The oak is part of his old kitchen, and I added some padauk which compliments it quite nicely. Half blinds just so I...
  9. baby block

    A baby block I made for my newest nephew for Christmas. I got the Idea form fellow Lumberjock, High Rock Woodworking. The woods used are padauk, maple, and lacewood. Thanks for looking!
  10. Iranian segmentedwood turning

    Inspire by Iranian mutifes. Diameter 60 centimeter
  11. First Bandsaw Boxes

    I recently acquired a bandsaw for the shop - can't believe it took me this long to get one. I started out with some pretty basic projects, simply wanting to get comfortable with the equipment before venturing out a bit more. As a result there's nothing too crazy here, and nothing you haven't...
  12. Boxes

    I like to try to be "green" in my wood working (and I'm cheap) so the bottoms of my boxes are usually recycled pallet material. The top of the Padauk box is also from a pallet. The top pf the maple box is some hickory flooring scrap.
  13. more boxes

    some recent boxes with lift out trays first is from some padauk i found with a different grain pattern than i have seen lid is hickory lined with felt 2nd and 3rd are made with some quilted walnut i got last month this finally gave me a use for this quilted maple i have been holding on too. i...
  14. Segmented Vase #14

    Completed the vase today. It took me about 2 weeks. It is 24.5" tall, 13" in diameter. The wood is Maple, Padauk, and Walnut. it is finished with Tung's oil and a friction polish with some bees wax. The design is from a friend in Venezuela, Richard Jose Diaz.
  15. Pen 08_Padauk Two-Tone Cobalt Gold Slimline Twist Pen

    Blank: Padauk Two-Tone Metal Color: Cobalt Gold Kit Type: 7mm Slimline Twist Pen Dry Sanding: 150 - 600 Wet Sanding: 1500 - 12,000 Micro-Mesh Finish: HUT Crystal Coat, P.P.P. Satin Wax, P.P.P. High Gloss Wax Date: March 13th 2010 Number: 08 Status: Available
  16. various cufflinks

    Here we have 6 pairs of cufflinks using African Blackwood,American Black Walnut,African Padauk,Mopane,Bocote,Pink Ivory & Piquia Amarello.The blue & green you see is a fantastic material called Trustone,a mixture of real gem powder,in this case Turquoise & Malachite,with acrylic creating a...
  17. Father's Day Yo-Yo

    I made this Yo-Yo as a father's day gift for my dad. He claims to have been really good at it when he was younger and after he put it to work, he can still pull off some pretty cool tricks! I made the wood blank for the two sides by cutting various species of wood at random angles to create an...
  18. Router bowls

    All of these bowls were made using a router, bandsaw, drill press and sander. Some of the wood was recovered from downed trees from a local forest fire. Small projects squeezed in around work and home. Picture 2 - 7" x 2 ½" Redwood with wipe on poly Picture 3 - 2 ½" x 5" Alder (stacked fall...
  19. Retirement Display Case

    This is one of the first projects I was going to do after I retired, for myself. It was a challenge as I was going for something a bit different than the typical case(s). Most seem to have the flag cased outside or separately. So I started from scratch and came up with this design/build. It's...
  20. Idle Hands

    Lumber pile is currently too small for any big projects, so I pulled out some scraps and a spare clock movement and kept my hands busy for another day. Padauk and maple with a lacquer finish. Klockit movement. Very simple project, but I hope someone likes it.
1-20 of 500 Results