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  1. Bottle openers

    A few basic bottle openers I made. Each one has a small magnet recessed in the backside that you can use to keep it on the refrigerator. Great item to take tailgaiting at a game.
  2. Hey Jack

    This was a housewarming gift for a couple I know that are in a couple of bands. Made out of Maple and Padauck. There were a few things left off of the guitar for simplicity reasons. If I would've had more time there were a few other nice modifications I wanted to make but this worked just...
  3. Basic Jewelry Box

    Basic jewelry box a friend wanted made. Plywood case, Purpleheart trim, Padauck drawer faces. The knobs were too big I thought but that was what was requested.
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    I ordered the 24" X 2.5" Wood screw and nut with the brass garter and handle. I have the legs milled and cut to length but it just dawned on me I don't know how far down to set the screw and drill the hole. Is there a guide line to go by for how far down to go? I would think its at a level that...
1-4 of 4 Results