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  1. Simple oven rack pusher/puller

    Simple made over rack pusher/puller. Made from walnut. I first drew out a quick shape on the wood. I used a scroll saw to cut the rough shape. The handle is oval for more comfort and no sharp edges. That was done with a rasp. I sanded it to 400 grit and used mineral oil as a finish. Great for...
  2. oven squirrel

    I had to make a quickie X-Mas present, so I made an Oven Squirrel for pulling / pushing oven racks. It is made of maple and finished with shellac. It also took me longer than I expected to make.
  3. Oven Rack Pullers

    I made these rack pullers from Steve Ramsey's design that he put on It was a really fun project and quick gifts for some loved ones. The dark brown is walnut, the blonde is cherry wood, and the red puller is padauk.
  4. Oven Stick

    [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] This is an oven 'safety' stick I made for my wife, or anyone who uses our oven. I figure if I use a push stick on the table saw then she deserves a push-pull stick for a hot oven. The project has been kicking around my shop for at least a month while I got other...
  5. 5 Oven Rack Tools

    In anticipation of our yard sale I made 5 oven rack tools. They are all from re-purposed wood. The top one is a sandwich of 'wedgewood pine' and oak, the second and fourth from the top are poplar which started as part of a small, broken table we were given. The other two are from end tables...
  6. Oven tray tool

    I made a bunch of oven tray tools to give to the ladies in our camping club. They were very pleased. Made from poplar. May make some more for Christmas presents.
  7. Oven Rack Tool from Oak

    It's another Christmas goodie. This one is made out of a piece of oak that I found along the road. I just traced the one I made for my wife and cut it out on the band saw. Then some sanding, rounding over of the edges and boiled linseed oil for the finish. The hole drilled in the end allows for...
  8. Play Kitchen Set

    Kitchen set for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves it! Wood is some scrap plywood I had. Kitchen hardware was picked up at a Restore here in town on the cheap. My wife made the cute little curtain in front of the sink. Plans are found here...
  9. Dining Table

    A dining table with a little G&G influence I have been working on. The base and bread board ends are made from cherry and the top is made up of 6 different species of hardwood; red oak, maple, white ash, red elm, black walnut and willow. I chose to do it this way as I am in the final stages of...
  10. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I am almost done with a pizza peel that I started months and months ago for my wife. I have been slightly tweaking the size and shape of it the last couple of days. I'm almost done shaping and sanding and have been contemplating putting a finish on it. I'd like to apply a finish, mainly to show...
  11. ?

    Off Topic Coffee Lounge
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi everyone, I been getting back into woodworking more and more, especially since we bought an old house with a finished basement. Much to my good fortune, my wife hates basements -no matter how nice, and since our laundry's on the first floor the 500+ sq/ft of finished basement space is now...
  13. Wood & Lumber
    Looking for some cherry lumber qrtr/rift FAS 6" x8' abt 96 bd ft for expanding round dining table. Any good place near Albany NY? Will travel to pick up.
  14. Wood & Lumber
    Hello everyone. I'm making a freestanding enclosure for a double over that will have a pan organizer drawer underneath. Which would be best for the under over/top of drawer compartment? Oven weights about 350 and the cabinet will be about 40 in wide. Plan on the shelf in a dado but could use...
1-16 of 16 Results