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  1. End Table | Custom

    This is a end table that was designed by a customer and built in October 2005. It is a very deep table with a raised section on the back. It has split drawers instead of the normal single drawers that I normally make. I didn't turn the legs they were outsourced from Adam Wood Products. The...
  2. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    My company is an outsource for cabinet makers. I don't interact with the end user very often, if ever. I'm wondering how many of you guys are competing with China and if you are, what are you doing?
  3. Blogs
    Be dissipointed with a company whose tool IS hanging on your wall. Lee Valley just informed me that Adjustable clamp company is outsourcing (at least) the Jorgensen wooden hand screws. I thought you all had the right to know as soon as I did. Please join me in sending them a complaint. -Knife
1-3 of 3 Results