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  1. Robins Nesting Platforms

    Inspired by ejpeek's Nesting Box, I made two platforms to attrack one or two families in my backyard. I used shorts from pine boards and I won't apply any finish so they'll end up to a nice silvery grey with time. They look similar to his even if I made few modifications to match my lumber. His...
  2. GOW 2007 class projects

    While at the GOW 2007 one of my classes was this chair from Jan Oegema. We really had fun carving this out. Most had faces on them and I chose to do this humming bird pattern for my deck. I free handed the pattern and just went for it! Also Tony Ericksons class on a hummingbird feeder. Really a...
  3. "Fun In The Sun" Picnic Table

    Thanks to Lenny for posting his project, which is where I got the idea. My grandfather and I hammered it out in 3 days (not finished). Just in time for the extended family 4th of July BBQ. We literally were cutting out the shape of the table top, sanding, routing, and screwing it in as the...
  4. Garden swing bench

    I always wanted one of these. Found design and ideas in a garden magazine and traced it to manufacturer - siting spiritually. This site has some very beautiful garden furniture. No plans though, so I built from a personal sketch. Made out of pine, treated with Alpina wood protector, then...
  5. Simple Planter Box (& Cheap)

    Here my version of Steve Ramsey's "Planned Obsolescence" planter box. The frame is all pine. I laminted (2) 2×4's together for each leg. The horizontal pieces are 2×3. I wasn't able to find bender board at the garden center, but I did find cheap 1×6x6' rough sawn cedar slats in the fence...
  6. Cornhole

    CornHole boards with 3m laminate. Came out really cool with matching bags
  7. 180 Gallon Aquarium

    This has been my biggest project. From a woodworking perspective, it was not overly difficult, but fairly large. I'm very happy with how it all turned out, but would do a few minor things different in the future. I have a very detailed build of this entire project that can be viewed HERE.
  8. Big Green Egg Table - Cedar

    This is a custom table, made from a mixture of rough sawn and smooth sawn cedar. It was built for a Big Green Egg smoker, which has not yet been set into place. The space to the right, is a dry box, intended to house dry goods such as charcoal, wood chips, matches, grill tools, etc. The table...
  9. Reclaimed Pine Outdoor Table

    I made this outdoor coffee table from old pine planks i recoverd from a previous project. The wood somehow has a story. The planks came from an old garden house wich my dad re-used to make a doghouse for our dog. When our dog had his age and passed away, we decided to keep chickens in our...
  10. Western Red Cedar "outside" table

    A long time ago (in this galaxy thank you very much) while on a bike ride, I passed a deck/patio table someone had tossed by the side of the road. Though whole, it was moldy/mossy anything that could grow on it had. But, we had recently had our deck picnic table demise so I put in a call to the...
  11. Pergola

    With a little help from friends, we completed this project in one day (painting excluded). Boy, were we tired!
  12. Cutting Board - Multiple Wood Species

    Most recent cutting board. Dimensions are 13" x 17" x 3/4"....woods used: Sipo Mahogany, Birdseye Maple, Bloodwood, Walnut, Mesquite, Leopardwood, Wenge, Ebony, Black Palm, Marblewood, Tulipwood, Zebrawood, Pink Ivory, Holly, Eue Gum Burl & Thuya Burl. Really love the way it turned out. Thanks...
  13. Looooong overdue present for grand daughter

    Before Christmas last year, before last Valentine's day, before her May birthday, before graduation day, before she went off to start college, I promised my grand daughter that I'd make her something. Then each of those events snuck by & I hadn't gotten around to it. I had it in my head that it...
  14. Mirror

    This is a mirror that I built in 2003 as a Christmas gift for my Mother. You'll notice I didn't know a thing about how to clean up glue squeeze-out at the time. More pics here:
  15. Carolina Panthers corn hole boards

    Mini corn hole boards. Designed for the fan of the Carolina Panthers football team. Hand cut decal out of vinyl. Here is a video on making them.
  16. Peanut Butter Jar Bird Feeders

    I love to watch and hear the birds in the garden. They bring lovely sounds and joy around the house. To get more birds, I had the idea of installing more bird feeders. But instead of buying more feeders I came with the idea of saving by making my own bird feeders out of plastic peanut butter...
  17. Slapped together feral cat hostel

    I needed a structure for 6-7 feral cats. This came at a time when the evening temps start to hit low 20's, snow & rain a coming, etc. A construction buddy of mine has 3 spare sheets of roof sheathing, which were used in this HASTENED weekend project. This gave me practice and experience with...
  18. Camoflauge Corn hole board game

    Here I made some camoflauge corn hole boards. The boards are "military" camo and the bags are "huning" camo. Thanks for looking.
  19. Child's Picnic Table

    Made this on a Saturday afternoon for my son. It is made from treated 1×6's that were left over from a fence project.
  20. Wood & Lumber
    I have a question. I have some ash wood planks, which I chainsaw milled few months ago, I keep it in my basement where is not a lot of air movement, my wood dried to 13-15% and stopped. Two days ago I purchased used dehumidifier and few fans. I set up DH to work 14h a day and to 30% humidity...
1-20 of 28 Results