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  1. End grain cutting board - #3

    Hi to all. For your information I want to show my next job. For it used a variety of trees - oak beech maple walnut. I hope you enjoy. Video
  2. Our Gorilla "Great Outdoor" coffee table / stair board

    This coffee table was designed for our motor home. It stores nicely next to the bench during travel. It covers the hole of the stairs during the night, so none of the children will fall into this cavity. And when we are set up at a campground we use it as coffee or dining table. The NON-wood...
  3. Porch

    My friend wanted to replace their front porch, which was in very bad shape. I built this porch for them, just kind of making it up as I went along. It is made from pressure-treated woods and finished with Flood Natural-Tone Wood Finish.
  4. Oak and Italian tile Bird House

    This is a contender as an entry in the Gorilla Glue contest. I've got another birdhouse in progress in the basement and another, rather ambitious one on the back burner, inspired by a (I don't even know what to call it… a mini brick and mortar wall in a tree at the Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode...
  5. Wine bottle bird feeder

    This a quick prototype I put together for my lovely wife. Works very well, birds love it plenty of access for the birds. I used a $1.95 dollar fence picket and old wine bottle. The neck of the wine bottle sits about an inch or so from the tray. The wife has already asked for some embellishments...
  6. Circular Balcony-Gorilla Glue

    This is a circular balcony I built for our home. The facia board was made by re-sawing a 2X8 cedar board into 3/8" thick pieces and re-gluing them using Gorilla Glue on a temporary form. All pieces of the railing were CAD drawn then transferred to the actual workpieces. The top railing was...
  7. Solarium She Shed & Dancing Deck Solarium She Shed I wanted to create a space in my front garden area that I could enjoy all four seasons(I live in the the Northeast US). She Sheds have become popular recently so I thought I'd make one for myself. This is my...
  8. Wine Table

    This was designed to have wine glasses hanging but I opted to make a drawer to hold bottle openers and such. I adjusted the heights of the two bottom rails slightly to keep a similiar look as the original plan. Oak with some walnut Danish Oil as the finish….now to stock it!
  9. A couple of quick projects

    A couple of quick projects. Fist is a tether ball stand I made with and for my daughter. Originally the pole was cemented in to the ground, but over the winter it loosened up and would not stand up straight. I did not want to mess with digging another hole and replanting the lawn in the heat...
  10. Cast Iron And Cypress Swings

    A lady came to me one day and brought the cast iron shelf support and asked me to build her a swing to high light it, and this was the out come. Then I saw a cast iron backed bench and took it one step further and made a four foot swing with a cast iron back, it came out pretty good. I stained...
  11. Outdoor Bench

    Made this out of Douglas for, (2×8) and a nice.price of.pine got the idea.from Lowes. Sanded with 80, 150 and 220, stained 2 coats, and waterproofed it.
  12. Standing Planter

    The second project that I completed during the NYS lock-down is this standing planter that made for my Mom & Pops (WJ). I had seen a number of these for sale and thought that I could design and build one that was a bit more rugged. This one ought to keep the birds, squirrels, and ground hogs out...
  13. Entry step

    Made this step for a house I no longer own. Made it in "mahogany" (sapele I think) so I would not have to maintain it. At the very moment we were leaving the house to move out of state, I yelled "Oh… WAIT!" and I ran over and grabbed the step. I plan to break it down and repurpose the wood...
  14. Toss IT! ~BBQ swap Item ~

    Well BBQ Swap 2020 has been real fun. I Got RichBolduc as my Sendee and I built a new game for him to use at those upcoming BBQs. Have been wrking ont he idea for this game for a while now and made it all come together for the swap. Kind of a cross between Cornhole and Skeeball. As always Ink...
  15. Custom Big Green Egg Cart

    This is a custom made Big Green Egg grill cart I made for a friend. It's made out of white oak and has plenty of storage space and utensil holders. Now I have to build one for myself.
  16. European Skull Mounting Plaques

    Here are some of the mounting plaques that I have been making. I make a lot of hunting and fishing style projects.
  17. Garden Arbor

    A garden arbor we built last fall. Made of Cedar and stained, it has been holding up quite well. The flowering vine in the middle is slowly taking over the arbor which is part of the project look. Yes, I also did the Cedar fence in the background :)
  18. Picnic table for friends

    I decided to build a picnic table as a surprise for some friends last October. I partially assembled it at home then transported it to their house to finish the assembly. By the time I got it assembled it was too late to put the finish on so I decided to come back the next weekend to stain and...
  19. TV Table (cabinet)

    Designed and built this table for our flat screen TV in our living room. Wanted something that matched the Queen Anne style end tables and it needed to house the typical electronics, Blueray player and cable box. Under the cabinet, behind the skirt, is a compartment for cables , wires , surge...
  20. Roll top Desk

    This roll top was made for a christmas gift for a friend of ours and his wife. They were missionaries for 13 years and now he is an Associate Pastor at a nearby church. I had promised him a desk 4 years ago but never came through. I truly hope this has made up for the long wait. The desk was...
1-20 of 63 Results