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  1. O H I O Silhouettes

    Anyone who is/knows a Buckeye will be familiar with the O H I O cheer. My daughter is a freshman at OSU this year, so I thought I would cut this O H I O silhouette for her as a keepsake. She loved it and I got a lot of comments from friends as well, so I decided to cut a few more and offer them...
  2. Man Cave Waver Lamp + Video

    Because I live in Central Ohio, Fall is all about Ohio State University football. I'm a big fan, and I do have a man cave where I watch the games with some of my buddies. The problem is that it's a little dark. So what better solution than a totally-unauthorized OSU Man Cave Waver Lamp ...
  3. Donation

    Every September I build a Project and donate it to the United Way Campaign at my Work. This year I decided to build my Modified Adirondack Chair design chair. (See pic of unfinished leg and seat structure). The Normal Adirondack chair sits low and the Older Crowd has difficulty getting in and...
  4. Hand Tools
    Hey Guys, I'm new to woodworking, and I find my self wanting a #7 Jointer Plane. At the risk of having someone else biding against me I have attached the link. How much should I bid? stanley #7 jointer plane. Type 14
1-4 of 4 Results