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  1. Osprey Shadowbox

    Hello, this is a shadowbox I made recently. The individual retiring started off in the USAF, then changed over to the USMC later becoming commissioned and piloting an Osprey. His wife and I agreed on this design to try and show the progression. 4ft wide made of cherry with the wings carved...
  2. Osprey Shadowbox

    Will add more pix when I get home, but this is made of cherry with natural Danish oil. Measures 48"x22" Very please with how it turned out.
  3. V-22 Osprey plaques

    V-22 Osprey plaques I made for Marines getting out.
  4. Opposing Arrows Blanket Chest

    Once again…..alder and walnut. Chaos Bruce
  5. V-22/Combat Aircrew Wings

    V-22 Plaque with Combat Aircrew Wings.
  6. Wood & Lumber
    I am a beginner wood worker. I've got some basic hand tools. I want to build something. So i buy some boards (cedar and Hickory). Both about 17mm thick, i decided i would rip them in half and then plane them flat. I did this but after a few hours the hickory twisted. so i planed it again. and it...
  7. Woodturning These use a cup shaped carbide instead of the EWT style flat disc and are meant to be used exactly like a bowl gouge. Glen Teagle, also mentioned in the video, has some interesting carbides like the hexagon hollower. Both seem a bit...
1-7 of 7 Results