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  1. Underwater World

    Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted a project because of my broken hand and then playing catch up to get some projects done. This one took AWHILE to finish because it was 341 pieces and a lot of them where very small. I spent a lot of time down on my hands and knees looking for a piece...
  2. Osage orange and curly maple cutting board

    First cutting board ever from osage and hard maple cut at home and milled in small boards on my bandsaw. Tools used: Craftsman 14 inch bandsaw Porter cable 6 inch jointer Handheld belt sander
  3. Candle Holder

    Was looking to make a simple project I could complete in a weekend and use up some leftovers. We had half dozen of the little candles sitting on the coffee table which would slide around when you bumped the table - most annoying. So I put together the candle holder from scraps of purpleheart...
  4. Some badger hair brushes and calls

    Some matching sets, Osage orange, and walnut
  5. Ranch Rustic Antique Shotgun Wall Rack Display Osage Orange Fence Post Bull Hide Kansas Flint Hills

    Wall Mounted Display Rack for an Antique Double Barreled 12 Gauge Shotgun, using antique Osage Orange Fence Posts from a Chase County Kansas Flint Hills Tall Grass Prairie Cattle Ranch. ------------------- Project Story This project was a commission to build a wall display rack for an antique...
  6. A set of swingers for surprise swap

    Greetings all, Here is a set of mallets that I recently made for LJ clieb91 for the Shop Made SURPRISE Tool Swap - Fall/Winter 2016. All the handles are made out of some walnut that was a left over from my countertops, but the heads are all made of different materials. The small one -...
  7. My first pen and pencil set

    This is my first attempt at turning pens. The woods are black walnut and Osage orange. Finished with CA. The kit is a Bright Copper Slimline on both pen and pencil. They are intended as a gift for a nephew that is graduating high school in 2 weeks who's school colors are black and gold...
  8. Osage Orange one piece pistol grip (Ruger GP-100)

    Recently used some of the Osage Orange wood I've been playing with and made a new grip for my Ruger GP-100 357. It's a one piece grip when finished that slides over the handle frame of the revolver. All the inside milling was done on the drill press with router bits. The outside shaping and...
  9. Intarsia Carousel Giraffe (I’m my own worst enemy)

    Explanation: I wanted to make a piece that was a little more difficult and I think I went overboard. 402 pieces and 140 hours later this is what I ended up with. Hope yall like it. This one is another in a series of carousel animals that I'm trying to find a good place to donate them to. I...
  10. Star Gazer Intarsia Wall Hanging

    I'm still working on making faces and I had to do some wood carving on this one. I really enjoy combining the two mediums and I hope it works well for the end result. It is 18"x12" and is almost and 1 1/2 thick with all of the spacers. It took 157 pieces to make out of 13 different kinds of...
  11. Osage rifle stock

    This is a rifle stock I made out of osage orange this past winter for my little .17 hmr. The main profile was done on the bandsaw. The hardest part was getting the holes drilled in the buttstock for correct alignment, and inletting out the forearm. Shaping was done with a hand rasp before I...
  12. Turkey friction calls

    Over the past month I've been making some friction calls for turkey hunting on my lathe. I saw a video of a guy making one and decided to give it a try. The surfaces, and soundboards can be ordered online for about 1-2 dollars a piece. Very happy with the looks and the sound of them. So far I've...
  13. Music stand

    I made this music stand for my son. Most of it came out of my scrap box, the little parts. The frame is .
  14. Small Segmented bowl

    A small segmented bowl made from Angel Hair Maple, Osage Orange and Segmented Tambotti pieces used original gorrilla glue and Shellawax Cream for polish That Tambotti smells great ... too bad its toxic
  15. Pencil Holder - Ebony and Osage Orange

    A pencil holder .. i.e. tall nick nack .. made from Osage Orange and Ebony
  16. Older project pics .. small bowls and cups

    A variety of older projects from when I first started a few years ago
  17. Tiny cup - Ebony, Paduak and Osage Orange

    Tiny cup made from Ebony, Paduak and Osage Orange
  18. First Commissioned Box

    This is the first box I ever made as "An Order". The customer wanted a personalized memory box. The divider on the left was specific for ticket stubs. The couple has the ticket stubs from every event they have ever attended together. The top part of the divider comes out in case they have to...
  19. Homemade Wooden Router Plane

    Inspired by James Wright's (@woodbywright) YouTube video, I decided to give making a router plane a try. I didn't do the route of making my own iron and went with a Lee Valley Tools one. That, along with $5 worth of hardware and a piece of Osage Orange log I had lying around the scrap pile, the...
  20. Another small cup / bowl

    A finished project showing a 3" diameter cup/bowl made from Ebony, BloodWood and Osage Orange. Glued up with Original Gorilla Glue and polished with Shellawax Cream This is about the max diameter I can do on my lathe without riser blocks I'm regretting not turning the inside down another 1/8...
1-20 of 80 Results