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  1. Stripy Cutting Board

    Made from Osage Orange, Purpleheart, Hard Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. This was a wedding gift, so I burned the year into the front corner. Rubber feet on the bottom so it doesn't slide on the countertop. Soaked in mineral oil overnight and then finished with a mineral oil/beeswax mixture.
  2. Time for some quickies

    After making the highboy and lowboy, I wanted to make a few "fast" projects. The kind that would take an hour or two vs 6 months. :-) I'm still looking to get inspired for the next "big" project, perhaps a china cabinet. In the mean time, these next few are some things I had on my "to-do"...
  3. 6-pack holder

    These hold beer bottles but you can also bring bottled water to the party if you don't want to wake up with a headache. The first one I used mainly osage orange, milled from a nasty looking log I picked up in a nearby forest. The log was coated with mud and still had bugs in it. I sandwiched...
  4. Rockler Bottle Opener

    Here is the bottle opener I made with the new Rockler Bottle Opener kit. Made from Osage Orange with Ebony and Osage Orange inlay. Finished with super glue.
  5. Shoe spoon.Material Osage Orange

    Hello friends. Today I made a handle for a shoe spoon, which was sent to me by a friend of mine from Grand Rapids, Michigan Jim Jakosh, I am very grateful to him that he gave me the opportunity to work with such an interesting tree. Here is a link to the video where I made this product.
  6. curly maple +hardwood Knife Scales

    Only made the handles- but check out these chef knife xmas gifts. video below :)
  7. Tiny Cup made from Ebony, Bloodwood and Osage Orange

    Tiny Cup made from Ebony, Bloodwood and Osage Orange
  8. Small Bits

    When you only have a small amount of time to turn, turn something small. These are very small bowls turned from Osage Orange for a friend who makes and finishes dollhouses. Both were turned on my MIDI lathe using a collet chuck and a very sharp Beecham skewchingouge. The platter is finished in...
  9. Homemade Wooden Router Plane

    Inspired by James Wright's (@woodbywright) YouTube video, I decided to give making a router plane a try. I didn't do the route of making my own iron and went with a Lee Valley Tools one. That, along with $5 worth of hardware and a piece of Osage Orange log I had lying around the scrap pile, the...
  10. Osage scraper handle

    I did accomplish something today. I brought home a rusty piece of 3/8" square bar from the flea market Sunday. I had some osage orange (bois d' arc) that a friend gave to me. I roughed out the blank, sized it for a ferrule,then CA glued it on. I make it a tight fit so I can screw it on. A file...
  11. Japanese Planing Board w/Sliding Dovetails

    If you prefer not to read, the video is here View on YouTube My workspace is pretty limited. in being so I have to get creative and look to different means for accomplishing my goals. That's one of many reasons I study and practice Japanese woodcraft, the entire thought process behind the...
  12. Shop Stool

    This is a 27" high shop stool that I needed in my shed here is Arizona. It is made from osage orange,. The legs are laminated from 2 pieces because I did not have any 1 1/2" stock left after all the projects I did with that load of wood. The leg holes in the seat and the rung holes in the legs...
  13. Turned Christmas Ornaments

    Here are some Christmas ornaments I made on the lathe. These are based off of ornament kits available from woodworking stores. I used two different styles of the kits on the ornaments. The kits use a pen turning mandrel and have a brass tube that goes in the center of the piece similar to with...
  14. Osage Orange Fruit Bowl

    This is a project that was roughed out in April. It was severely warped by now but it cleaned up okay. The cracks were filled with blue azurite inlay. It is 11 1/2" diameter and 4" high. I finished it with Danish oil and buffed with Tripoli, white Diamond and Carnuba Wax. Cheers, Jim
  15. Osage Orange and Cherry Ring

    A thin band of Cherry bisects the continuous grain of this Osage Orange ring. (pictured on the piece of wood it was cut from. From, or near my BILs house in TX. Thanks Rob!) Beautiful, durable, and strong, the heavy, close-grained yellow-orange wood is very dense and is prized for tool handles...

    Another elk antler coyote call. The mouthpiece is made from osage orange given to me by one of my co-workers. This is the first time I have worked with osage orange, it is really nice to turn, it machines so well that I was able to get such a smooth finish with my carbide tools that I started...
  17. Corian bowl #57 and Osage Orange door stopper

    Recently I met with some Lumberjocks in Arizona and they gave me some material that I turned into projects. The first one is a black Corian grapefruit bowl. The Corian is from LJ Lizzardhead in Tempe, Az. It is 5 layers with 5 minute epoxy in between. A mesquite spigot was glued on to keep the...
  18. Hollow Wooden Balls

    I made these last fall while trying out my new 1/8" 60 degree V cutters for my Dremel. Just goofing around with these. I may include them in some other project. One is Osage Orange and the other one is Cherry. I had to use some real dry logs so there was no movement after threading them. I also...
  19. Return of the (Teeny Tiny Osage) Ring

    Now this tops the scale… or rather whatever the reverse of that is, as the smallest ring made to date. Smaller in diameter than a dime, (barely larger than the power button on my Powerbook) (something like 17mm outside diameter, 15mm inside) This asymmetrical ring design has two outside bands...
  20. Wood Mallet

    Turned out of Osage Orange
21-40 of 240 Results