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  1. Blood Orange

    With all the false starts on this pen, I should call it Blood (Sweat and Tears) Orange! I should also be proud of myself for managing to complete, what started out as a simple Osage Orange pen, that on more than one occasion should have ended up in the burn pile, not once, but three times. I...
  2. Extra Large Mens Fancy Cane #058: Manzanita Burl, Ebony & Osage Orange

    This is an extra large handle measuring 8.5" long and approximately 1.25" thick at the thinnest diameter. The handle is made from extremely fine quality of Manzanita Burl that is very dense and has a beautiful swirl of grain. This burl is much superior to the previous Manzanita I have used as...
  3. First ever bowl on the lathe (osage orange wood)

    Other than helping turn a few pens on a friends midi lathe- this is the first ever woodturned project I have made. I recently bought an older cheap lathe on a homebuilt stand to try my hand at doing this sort of stuff and so far I love it. I'm planning on practicing more with what I have then...
  4. Osage orange and curly maple cutting board

    First cutting board ever from osage and hard maple cut at home and milled in small boards on my bandsaw. Tools used: Craftsman 14 inch bandsaw Porter cable 6 inch jointer Handheld belt sander
  5. segmented bowl

    This is made with maple cherry walnut osage orange and one small piece of poplar 11" dia 5" tall
  6. Wooden Bottle

    This is a project I dreamed about and then challenged my self to make it. It is an oval bottle made from Osage Orange with a pistachio cap. I have some process shots below. It was hollowed from the bottom, the bottom was glued on with West System epoxy and then a spigot was glued to that so the...
  7. Box for the Teleidescope

    This box was made to house my latest teleidescope. It is made from osage orange and walnut. I almost threw it away when milling out the center. The Z axis shut off and when I turned it on ,I thought the number was the same as when it went off so I kept going deeper to hit the depth number and I...
  8. Osage Orange Rose and Russian Spindle

    These are 11 1/2 inch spindles made of Osage Orange. Both spindles are Grippingyarn signature designs which have been successfully marketed and sold to spindlers all over the globe. Osage Orange wood took me a while to understand. Like Cherry, it can bruise and leave rings or marks if scraped...
  9. Olaf Bandsaw Box

    Granddaughter Alayna just turned three, so I wanted to make her a special box, but I couldn't think of a design, until it occurred to me that every time she comes over she asks me to watch "Frozen" with her. Not being nearly artistic enough to make either of the princesses, I decided to follow...
  10. Osage Bowl

    I got a commission to turn a bowl from customer supplied Osage. After repeatedly leaving the chuck followed by high velocity flights across the shop, about half a bottle of CA glue, a broken tool rest, constant tool sharpening and more sanding than I care to remember I finally got it done...
  11. fresh Coffee Table and chisels. Tiny.

    All of my life I have been fascinated by anything miniature. My love for miniatures and woodworking finally came together now that I have a break from school. This is my first 1/12 scale piece. The top is spalted maple, and the base it walnut. The splines in the miters are also maple. All the...
  12. Another endgrain big block butcher block

    I failed to take photos of this one before I gave it to the customer. Since he is a coworker, I asked him to take a few photos of this one in its native state (he leaves it on his cook top unless he is using the middle burners). It's made of cherry, walnut, osage orange and black locust. I had a...
  13. Osage Orange Supported Spindle

    I love Osage Orange. Like Cherry, you have to be mindful of bruising and scraping. However, the finish is well worth the care. This is a supported spindle (original design) intended for creating lace-weight luxury yarns. The length is 11 1/2 inches in length and it weight 1.2 ounces. Hand...

    Another bowl from Osage Orange tree, this lidded bowl shows a lot of character from the Osage Orange tree that I cut off my neighbors property. I am probably going to give this to my neighbor for allowing me to cut the tree up and getting the wood from it.
  15. Pizza Peel and Matching Pizza Cutter

    Pizza peel and matching pizza cutter in Canadian Black Walnut with cherry and Osage orange features and a brass feature in the handle.
  16. Osage Orange one piece pistol grip (Ruger GP-100)

    Recently used some of the Osage Orange wood I've been playing with and made a new grip for my Ruger GP-100 357. It's a one piece grip when finished that slides over the handle frame of the revolver. All the inside milling was done on the drill press with router bits. The outside shaping and...
  17. Osage Orange Winged Bowl

    I finished this bowl this morning. With my new job, I haven't had as much time in the shop as I would like. After turning the blank mounted on a faceplate to cut the foot tenon I discovered I made it to big so I had to order some larger jaws for my Nova G3 chuck.
  18. Osage Orange Bangle Bracelet

    Bangle Bracelet turned on lathe made from Osage Orange and Stainless Steel core from . Finished with CA glue.
  19. Osage Orange Bowl

    Osage orange bowl turned on the Shopsmith 2017
  20. Bodark bowl (reclaimed farm post)

    This bowl is about 9 inches in diameter. My father-n-law back in Alabama brought me this nice chunk of bodark. This one is no telling how old, but it made two nice size bowls for me and I have enough left to make a couple of pens. Bodark is probably more commonly known around woodworkers as...
1-20 of 240 Results