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  1. retirement shadow box

    A retirement shadow box I built for a USMC Major. Aviation Ordnance wings with two 20mm rounds that I turned on my lathe. Similar to others that I have built with some changes to make it unique. Thanks for looking.
  2. ordnance wings plaque

    Going away plaque for one of my Marines who was getting out.
  3. retirement trunk

    Retirement trunk that I made for a Marine retiring after 29 years from the Ordnance community. Thanks for looking.
  4. ordnance wings

    Ordnance wings that I built for one of my Marines who was leaving.
  5. small ordnance wings

    USMC Ordnance wings plaque
  6. Ordnance display board

    Display board that I built for MALS-29 Ordnance to display their Marines of the quarter.
  7. Ordnance wings shadow box

    Ordnance wings shadow box that I built for a Master Chief retiring from the Navy. 20mm bullets on top
  8. ordnance wing plaque

    going away ordnance wings plaque
  9. ordnance wings plaque

    USMC ordnance wings plaque
  10. ordnance wings/gun barrel plaque

    Retirement plaque I made for my OIC.
  11. Aviation Ordnance retirement shadow box

    This was a retirement shadow box I built for one of my Marines. Turned the bullet tips on my lathe and painted them. The box is all pine except for the corner blocks which are cherry. The flag was flown in his honor in Belleau Wood France which was a major Marine Corps battle. Also where...
  12. Wood & Lumber
    See them all here: See all of the available cocobolo boards directly here: Best Regards, Ivan...
  13. Finishing
    I recently veneered a piece of MDF with mahogany veneer using yellow glue. It glued up fine and I gave it a light Sanding after it was dry. I the wiped the dust off using a clean rag and some white spirits. It looked fine but when it dried I had what looked like some oily blotches on it. Any...
  14. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    It can't be called "Buyer's Remorse" when the new truck you just bought has a problem and the dealership tells you to take a hike. My truck, still under warranty, has a defective starter, or starter drive. When it's cold, like 0 degrees F, the starter clashes with the flywheel/torque converter...
1-14 of 14 Results