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  1. bottle opener, hook and ring game

    Hi all. This is a game called hook and ring or bimini or ring the bull. Tie a string to a ring and swing it to capture the hook. I had a piece of cherry i wanted to find something to do with so… the finish is spray on poly. I gave this to a friend who loves to play different games. And yes that...
  2. Brass knuckles bottle opener

    "Brass knuckles" bottle opener I've been making a bunch of these for family/friends lately. Super simple, low cost, low stress project. Let me know what you think Cocobolo Jatoba (mini opener) Cherry Rosewood, maple, cherry
  3. Magnetic Bottle Opener

    I got volunteered by the wife to make something for a silent auction to benefit one of the girls at her work that has breast cancer. I had about 2 weeks to make something. I have seen these openers around the internet and have always wanted to make one. I picked up some walnut and maple and...
  4. Olivewood Letter Opener

    I was making a crochet hook, and there was a worm hole through the blank, so I couldn't complete it with this blank. So I made lemonade, so to speak. It's about 5.5 inches long and 3/4 around at the largest part of the handle. I used the band saw to start the blade shape, and then my oscillating...
  5. The Better Beer Bottle Opener

    I imagine that some more industrious turner could use this general idea to make a bottle opener that resembled a baseball, football, hockey puck, soccer ball, etc… First I'd like to than the giants upon whose shoulders I stand: Paul - Bob -...
  6. Beer caddy

    Cheers! I know I could use the one phrase on the commercial, but I probably need permission to do so. Any how, meet the cousin to the wine caddy. This is the beer caddy made from poplar and painted black. This one is already sold for too. I like the stainless steel insert with the black...
  7. bottle opener

    This is a bottle opener that i built with inspiration from here. This one is made to not dent the caps. Works very well. The depth from the washer down and the curve in the washer are key. I put a rare earth magnet to catch the caps, and to hide the forstner point.
  8. Bottle Openers

    3 Bottle openers based off of plans I got from Good Clean Fun by Nick Offerman. The maple one has an eagles logo carved into (did that with a Shaper Origin). The other two are bocote. A nail through the opening pries the cap off. The third uses a washer to do the same. They work fairly well.
  9. Making a Cool Looking Bottle Opener

    Hey all, I made this bottle opener last week to give as a gift to a friend. Check out the video bellow to see how I made it, it is very simple, it just took a while to cut the metal out! On that subject I think aluminium would be a good alternative, it wouldn't rust and will be much easier to...
  10. Bottle Opener with a Magnetic Catch

    I've seen these Bottle openers in craft fairs and online before. There great little projects and also make great gifts. The magnet in the back of the opener catches the bottle cap as it falls. I have more pictures, and a video, over at my other site on
  11. His and Hers Wedding Gifts

    I had some Peruvian Walnut and Maple laying around so i made these for my and my girlfriends friends. In the end i don't think i care much for the Walnut, it's just so dark you can barely see any of the grain. Anyways, hope you guys like it.
  12. JAR OPENER •

    NOTE: Illustrations have been updated to make constructing this project less confusing. ===================================================== Being a senior citizen my hand strength seems to be waning. SWMBO has been hinting that she could use something to help her open some jars. The other...
  13. Misc bottle stoppers

    One of my contractors asked for some random stuff to be able to hand out. Here are a few simple stoppers, beer opener and cutting board he wanted. Made a mistake on one stopper and turned a section to narrow so I decided to re shape it as a wine glass and mixed up some epoxy tinted as close as I...

    Barrel shape and glass shape wall hang bottle openers - made of various scrap wood. 28 cm hight 12-14cm width. Cups were made by bandsaw box technic - plywood, finish wood oil. Metal opener I bought on E-Bay. Middle opener has 4mm lexan cup front cover. Pyrography signs.
  15. 2020 Beer Swap Package

    For the Fourth Annual LJs Beer Swap I got EarlS as my recipient. Earl mentioned at some point that he and his wife and daughters were all fans of the Lord of the Rings movies. I just happened to be working at learning to carve and looking for an idea of what to make for this swap at the same...
  16. First T - Handle Bottle Pull

    So I was looking at this kit for a while and decided to get a a few when I purchased a bunch of other items. This was the first project that I made were dimensions was actually critical to the final project. The handles are made out of curly maple. I am waiting on some blanks from Australia...
  17. Guess what this is for? Edit: RV Vent tool

    This is a prototype/ mockup. Glad I did it. Took 3 tries to get it to work. Should have been a little more careful with measurements and layout. The first was a fuzz too tight. The second almost too loose. Third time is the charm. Glad I just used pine instead of good hardwood. It is 18"...
  18. Shop Table and First LJ Steal

    Received a table which was nearing the end of its life from a neighbor who no longer wanted it and this provided a good base from which to make this project from misc scrap. I put in a base with 2 by 4s and press board, closed off the sides with some old furniture scrap, routed 2 by 4s and some...
  19. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

    A wall-mounted bottle opener I made for my brother's birthday. Zebrawood with walnut inlay. I used a fellow LJ's idea for the removable bottom, think it turned out pretty nice. "Drink Wisconsinbly" opener since his wife is from and they take a lot of trips there. Thanks for looking.
  20. Oak Bottle Openers

    [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] This was my first try at making bottle openers. I made a prototype from pine and didn't like it. So I redesigned it and used some scraps of oak to churn out 4 of them. I tried making each one different. One is actually contoured for right handers, (sorry lefties.)...
1-20 of 28 Results