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  1. Art Fair Box #6

    More Art Fair Pics. I still have these boxes because this fair was like trying to sell caviar to a tuna fish crowd. Anyway, my first try at onlay - store bought eagle onlay with some bwb trim on Curly Maple top. Box is Walnut with Curly Maple legs. Bottom is lined with brown deerskin. Box...
  2. candle holder with magnolia flowers

    Candle holder centerpiece that holds four tealights and one votive candle. Sycamore base, purpleheart branch inlay, maple flowers, cherry and walnut leaves.
  3. Mirror frame with hummingbirds and trumpet vines

    Mirror frame with two hummingbirds eating from trumpet flowers on vines. Frame is siberian elm. Spalted maple inlaid into the elm, then the purpleheart vine was inlaid into the maple. The leaves are cherry and walnut. The trumpet flowers are mahogany. The hummingbirds are hard maple with...
  4. CNC Woodworking
    Need recommendation for small hobby CNC router (? I think . . .. ). I need to make wood on-lays, primarily celtic knots, primarily cut out rather than engraved, maybe some engraving but that's not the primary focus (forgive me if I'm using cut out vs. engraving incorrectly!). So, need basic...
  5. Blogs
    Bookcase entry - Challenge04 I had already started working on the design for this bookcase when I became aware of this contest. Realizing that my built-in application (designed to conceal ductwork) was quite different from the needs of most people, I slightly redesigned the crown to make it a...
  6. Blogs
    Kitchen Window Arches I originally wanted raised panel arches for over the windows in the kitchen similar to some I had seen at Menards. That was three years ago. I drew them up full scale and gave them to the cabinetmaker who did our kitchen. He never got to them so I decided I would make...
1-6 of 6 Results