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  1. Muscle bound Diamond Willow Cane...SundnR

    This one went to Oregon, then to a dad who lives on the Missouri river for his 80th birthday.
  2. Nice Diamond Willow Cane, blue & gold tiger eye insets...SundnR.

    President of the Algeria Shrine picked this one up, probably to donate or auction off…sold.
  3. Diamond Willow Cane, unique wood handle....SundnR.

    right now i've got quite a few more canes going, a couple mantle pieces, a Holy Cross III….the latest cane with a comfortable handle in either hand but a bit out of the ordinary, maybe extraordinary to someone; also some kind of chromed (hematite?) stone that i picked up with a bag of my usual...
  4. "Urbi et Orbi". Carving picture from the book of 1888'

    New order. This is the old picture which means: ''A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch..''. Here is information from Wikipedia about this picture: This picture was made from...
  5. A custom butcher block that's one of a kind

    I was asked by Canadian Home Workshop Magazine to build "something for the kitchen", but seeing as how I detest plywood, I decided to do a butcher block…..but butcher blocks are kinda boring… I "spiced it up" :) The mother of all cutting boards I think! 24X36 X 4.5" thick endgrain...
  6. Boca Brewery Birdhouse and Feeder By Greg Zirbel

    Artist Greg Zirbel The Boca Brewing Co. located just south of the convergence of the Little Truckee River which drains through the Boca dam and into the Truckee River was one hopping place. One of the best known California breweries of the 19th century started operations in 1876. Boca Lager...
  7. Finishing
    So.. I'm a bit scared of finishing.. I've got three projects completed and assembled.. but have yet to put any finish on any of them.. Blanket Chest/Doll Bed/ and Shop Desk.. I want to finish these projects and get them up out of the basement workshop.. I've started a workbench project...
1-8 of 8 Results