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  1. Czeck Edge Pilot marking knife

    This was my first completed woodturning project. The handle is olivewood; the metal parts (blade and ferrule) came from Czeck Edge. Overall length is about 5 1/2". The finish is Zinsser Bulls Eye shellac cut to 50% with denatured alcohol, plus about 20% boiled linseed oil. UPDATE 2009-06-25: I...
  2. Tounge Drum, Mitered Corners w/Keys

    The Italian Olivewood is extremely fragile to work with mitered corners. All I know is, I got lucky I did not break off an edge or corner. The tongues are made from Bloodwood. Both really look rich after finished with walnut oil. You can search YouTube for a good tutorial on building this...
  3. Tank Shift Knob

    I turned this for a good brother of mine. It is a shift knob for an old tank-shift Harley Davidson It is Olivewood, from Jeruselum. Finished with Minwax Poly Thnx for the look and any yea's or nay's
  4. Olivewood Icecream Scooper

    This is an AMAZING piece in real life. The feal of the wood is so cool. I love olivewood. Its made from an oversized spindle, 2" x 2" x 8" The brass is from rockler and cost about $10 bucks. They are cool gifts or work great to scoop out your favorite icrcream at home.
  5. Pens Again

    My mom asked me to make some projects for a silent auction at her church. Being a turner my first idea was a couple of pens, here are two olympia pens from Penn Industries made out of olivewood. I'm also going to make a Broadwell Nouveau Sceptre Pen. She also wants me to make something out of an...
  6. Unique 4ft Figured Olivewood Breadboard

    This is perhaps my most recent project, and also the hardest one I have ever attempted as I am 15 years old. It is a very large Olivewood breadboard consisting of 20 pieces of varying shapes of wood; it is 52 inches long (from handle to end), 15 inches wide, 1 inch thick and 22 pounds in...
  7. A few slimline pens

    Just a few slimline pens and pencils I've been making to try to learn how to turn a little better. I'm sure these will end up being my holiday gifts this year, they're quick and easy, and everybody likes handmade things better. =)
  8. Ping Pong Paddle for Kameron

    I was recently commissioned to build this ping pong paddle for a friend. This is the third I have done; they seem to get easier every time. It took around 5 hours overall, and consists of a main body of Olivewood; edging, handle grips, and bow ties of walnut; and cherry for the inlaid K on the...
  9. French Rolling Pins

    Recently I have been having a blast making french rolling pins! In the first picture, the one on the left is made of Mahogany and cherry, and is around 20 inches. The one in the upper right was made from Mahogany and oak, and is around 18 inches long. The rolling pin in the last picture is...
  10. Joseph's Plane of Many Colors

    Recently I have had the inspiration to build myself a set of handplanes; here are the two of my most recent ones. The first, which I have named Joseph's Plane of many colors, is 4.5" long with a 1" blade. I decided to name it this because it reminds me of the Biblical account in Genesis 37 of...
  11. Olivewood French Rolling Pin/Candy Dish/Nut "Coffee Style" Cup

    I recently built these three items- all of which were turned on my lathe. The first, an Olivewood French rolling pin, measures around 14 inches overall. I had an interesting time making it, as it destroyed 2 cheapo grizzly live centers in the process. The second item, is a little candy dish- I...
  12. Merry Christmas Y'all

    Haven't posted in a while but wanted wish my Lumber Jock friends Happy Holidays! These are a few of my favorite projects from this year! Let me know your favorite!
  13. What I did for my vacation

    For the week following Thanksgiving 2009 I was on vacation and spent it in the shop. The results from that week are shown in this. 1 Olympian2 Elite Rollerball pen 1 Olympian2 Elite Fountain pen 1 Majestic Fountain pen 1 Majestic Rollerball pen 2 Majestic Jr Rollerball pens 2 Comfort pen &...
  14. First Turning- Candle Holder

    Today I was messing around on our new old lathe….so far this is my first turning, and I think it turned out ok. It is 6 inches tall made from olivewood. After messing around on it this afternoon, I am hooked on turning! Thanks for looking!
  15. $10 Olive wood bargain

    Found a small cutting board in a local dept store. It was warped but the salesperson marked it down for me. I think I'll get 10 or 12 pens out of it…not bad, I'm thinking
  16. Guitar Picks and Pick Box

    Here are some guitar picks and a pick box I made for a friend. The picks are primarily made from Olivewood; there are several walnut, apple, and bubinga in the mix. The box is made from walnut, oak, olivewood, redwood, and bubinga. Thanks for looking! Dale
  17. Turned pizza cutter handles

    Turned these handles out of olivewood and african mahogany. Cutters are from Rockler. Very nice. Big and sturdy.
  18. Old Swiss Army Knife Restoration for a Friend

    This was a fun and skill challenging project that I have had the privilege to restore. This is an old Swiss Army Knife that I replaced the grips on, which had broken off sometime in the past. After receiving the knife (picture 6), I used a dremel type tool with a sanding wheel to remove the...
  19. Olivewood slab cribbage board

    Made of a slab of olivewood I got from Woodcraft. Stripped the bark off with a small drawknife then scrubbed most of the remaining crud off with a wire brush in a drill and by hand followed by some sand paper. Ran it through the planer since one side was rough and the other was already smooth...
  20. Sapelle box with olive accents

    This box is about 15cm X 30cm. Made of Sapelle and olivewood. Sliding tray and bottom are lined with plush padded velvet. Finish is 2 x my L.O. blend, then beeswax.
1-20 of 69 Results