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  1. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    We are just returned from a small holiday south of where we live in Portugal. One of the places we visited (for the third time) was Serpa For me, one of the highlights of visiting this place is the ancient olive trees outside the city walls. Now that I have a half-decent camera, I thought I'd...
  2. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Have a question that if anybody could help me out with I'd be eternally grateful. I'm a noob hand tool woodworker working on my first project. Got this cutting board sanded down to 80 grit and have been sanding this surface all day trying to bring this board to perfection. As I got closer and...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    i need to pick a good table saw in the 900-1200 range. ive been woodworking for 2 years, im also a first year carpenter. please help me!! (no bench top or contractor saws) thanks, michael.
  4. Hand Tools
    I just bought a shooting board plane (cheap) at an antiques store. It's in good condition. It was made by John Royle and Sons of Paterson, NJ. I've done a little research and it seems it may have been made to level printers type, but it is certainly heavy enough to do wood working also. Does...
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    After tonight's (Tomorrow over there) earth Quake, I ask are you aware of any Lumber Jocks that are from either of the Islands? I think I might recall one from Aukland on the South Island and maybe one from Queen's Land on the North Island.
  6. Finishing
    Ok here is where I am in this crazy project. I have apx 30 wine racks of various sizes made in cherry and walnut. I have to have these finished for various events pretty soon, say the middle of July. I need some advice on a strong durable finish process. I like using the trans-tint dye sprayed...
  7. Wood & Lumber
    I am looking to do a project for my soon to be niece. I am wanting to do a walnut memory box with olive wood to contrast it as I am planning on dovetails for joinery. The only problem I have is that I don't have a lumber supplier that stocks this particular species. I know Rockler will have pen...
  8. Hand Tools
    When speaking about high quality hand tools like planes and chisels, Lie Nielsen's name pops up. They are expensive and out of reach to most woodworkers of moderate means. Two other tool companies are hardly ever mentioned in polite company. They are Bridge City Tool Works and St James Bay Tool...
101-108 of 108 Results