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  1. Olive Wood Spatula

    Olive Wood Spatula- great for cooking!
  2. Olive/Walnut Tongs

    These Olive/Walnut tongs are great for cheese and pickles, etc.
  3. Salad Set

    This simple salad set consists of a "regular" spatula and a "regular' spatula with teeth in it. Great for salads!
  4. Live Wood Light Fixture with Candela

    Live Wood Light Fixture with Candela I used three different wood species to form this synthesis of live wood as a light fixture with a candela. The Horizontal Light Fixture wood piece is Olive tree the Candela piece is of Locust tree and the red wood base is Massaranduba. All live wood pieces...
  5. First Turnings on new Mini-Lathe

    I got a mini-lathe for Christmas and some gift cards. Got a pen making kit from rockler and an additional pencil kit. First project was a little red oak baseball bat, maybe 4.5" total length. Just because I could and to see how the chisels worked out. never sanded or finished it. Then i made...
  6. Olivewood Letter Opener

    I was making a crochet hook, and there was a worm hole through the blank, so I couldn't complete it with this blank. So I made lemonade, so to speak. It's about 5.5 inches long and 3/4 around at the largest part of the handle. I used the band saw to start the blade shape, and then my oscillating...
  7. Kitchen cutting board of six types of wood

    Friends hello, Here again in my workshop I collected a lot of different wood waste and that they would not be thrown away I decided to make a kitchen board again, This time it included 6 species of wood, Bog Oak, beech, olive, common oak, pear and Canadian red cedar, the whole process of making...
  8. Mice

    Thought I would have a go at intarsia and this is the end product. Made from the scrap bin known wood is Beech, oak,olive and ash, the mice are made from wood that came from an old garden table so unknown. I did alter the design by making it free standing and also added aclock
  9. Olive bowls

    Happy New Year All !!! These are 6×4 olive segmented bowls with an oil finish. Trying to get back in the groove after holidays.

    BEDOUIN FOLKLORE Material: Olive tree root Height: 52 cm, Length:85 cm, Width: 65 cm First photo: A statue showing the Bedouin folklore symbols: The bedouin with a kaffiyah and akel (headdress and headband), tent, coffee set, camel and the inscription in Arabic along the path to the tent - the...
  11. Ping Pong Paddle

    I recently designed and built this ping pong (table tennis) paddle out of Olive, Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry wood. It was a fun project to practice joinery and bowties on. In picture #5, there was a void which I filled using reclaimed coffee grounds and super glue (idea from Woodworkers...
  12. Carved Folk-Art Walking Cane; "The Greatest Story Ever Told" Story Stick with Scrimshaw Artwork

    ----------------------------- This walking cane was a commissioned piece, and so it has been Sold Cane Serial Number #2008-29 Height: 38 inches Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a...
  13. Natural(ish) Picture Frame

    I haven't posted anything for a while - it's not that I haven't been busy, I just haven't created anything very good! We needed a picture frame, and I was just going to make some kind of "standard square thing". But when I looked at the wood that just seemed like a terrible waste of the shape...
  14. White Cockatoo

    I started cutting that project in France before to be sponsored by Patrick Edwards and Kristen Arrivee from Antique Refinishers and American School of French Marquetry in 2006. I brought back the half cut pieces and packs in my luggage. As a restorer I practised marquetry but mainly for...
  15. Butterfly Tree Paddle

    Over the last week I have been working on this Ping Pong Paddle which I call the 'Butterfly Tree.' I began by cutting the tree pattern and inlaying it into the background; I found out this takes a lot longer than I thought being that it is only one piece! The paddle is constructed of mahogany...
  16. Turned Pens

    My first two pens on the lathe. The lighter colored one is Olive and the darker one is Cocobolo. Pens are pretty easy to turn. I don't have a pen vise and split a Zebrawood pen trying to assemble it. Seems all my projects today have had a little problem here or there. Sanding and finishing...
  17. Tiny Box and Earrings - Olive Wood

    There's not a long story to this one. I wanted to make something unique for my wife, so I decided to produce a tiny heart shaped box pendant with a matching pair of earrings. The second photograph shows a side view of the box, partially opened, and yes there's message inscribed within. The set...
  18. Pool cue rest

    I shoot a lot of pool. And I've seen things like The Claw, and thought to myself that I could make one of those. So I did. And, because "Claw" was already taken, I'm calling it The Fang. ;) It's nice that you can break it down, which makes it have a smaller footprint than the Claw. When I...
  19. Olive bowl

    7" x 3" olive bowl with a wipe on poly finish
1-20 of 108 Results