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  1. Olea europaea (European Olive) Live Edge Bowls

    I picked up a couple of hunks of Olive wood from one of the guys in my turning club. He used to live in Northern California so I assumed that they were European Olive (Olea europaea). However, my wife thinks that it's Russian Olive (Elaeagnus augustifolia). Unfortunately, I didn't get any...
  2. Blogs
    HUGE Eucalyptus score Sheesh. Good thing I have a truck now. I saw a note on craigslist today (online classifieds) that a guy had put "10 to 15 more" eucalyptus logs out in the alleyway behind his house. LA is all blocks split in half by access alleys big enough to drive 2 cars through...
  3. Blogs
    At last, a resawing jig! I got 2 1" Timberwolf blades from Suffolk Machinery Corp. - 2TPI and 3TI - several months ago, and have been dying to try them out ever since. In that time I had several more projects, mom's 10-day long yearly visit, my best friends' wedding, a project I built for that...
1-4 of 4 Results