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  1. Wedding Favors Display

    Much like my path lights this stand was built out of wood from old fence panels. The only new(ish) wood was some plywood used for the base of each tray and a small piece of chalk board.
  2. Recycled Pallet Campaign Desk

    This desk was made for a client using a recycled pallet from a local construction site. The pallet was made from Austrailian Pine, some type of cedar as far as I can tell. Very beautifully raggy wood textures. The client wanted something with a "campaign twist" on it, so I added the canvas drop...
  3. J-Bench (Recycling to the next level)

    J-Bench (February 7-22, 2011) Dimensions: 66'' x 37'' x 16'' Weight: 90lbs So I decided to take my "Wave Bench" and the "Tornado Floor Lamp" to the next level by adding a sharp curve on on the wave like a winding road. This took a lot planning with the measurements of the cuts. I have to admit...
  4. Coffee table from old wood

    A few wooden beams stood in the corner for a long time, until I got a piece of glass 10 millimeters thick, ideal for a coffee table… Since the rectangular shape of the table suits me better, one part of the table top is glass, and the rest is wood.
  5. Piano bench from old wood

    I made this bench from some old wood laying around the farm. The top is oak which was rough cut with knots and sap wood, the rest is pine. I made a compartment for storing music books. The cleats under the top fit tightly within the compartment so the top doesn't move around. I used danish...
  6. Book Shelf

    This was my first try at a book shelf for my sister. It was made with some scrap slabs of maple and cherry that is why it is two different stains.
  7. Hand Fan Stand

    I went to China for Chinese New Year last February and bought a couple of hand fans as gifts (obviously machine made). Got home and realized that to display them, you'd need to hang it somehow or prop it up against something. So I decided to build stands with Asian flavor and this is the...
  8. coffee table from old wood

    old spruce and pine …. 90×50x42cm … finished with 2 coats of mineral oil, later will give 2x matte polyurethane varnisch …
  9. Walnut Shelving Unit

    Custom solid walnut shelving 99" tall x 40" wide. This was fun to build. I was able to keep the sides top and bottom a nice and beefy 4" x 1.75. Shelves are .875 thick. Finish was 2 coats Tung oil.
  10. Think Big

    This is my first furniture & first project in my art studio. 7ft tall x 4.5ft wide x 4ft long. I started in September 3, 2010 and finished in October 8, 2010 with the help of one assistant. It is made out of my dad collection of old wood from 50-150 year old houses found in the Philippines...
  11. The Bookshelf of Knowledge

    Bookshelf of Knowledge (October 22- November 11, 2010 with one assistant) Dimensions: 26'' x 56'' x 102'' Net Weight: 280lbs My dad adopted and balled 300 Mahogany tree (30yrs old average) to our farm after he found out they were giving them away to make way for the construction and...
  12. wooden images

    Several wooden images made last summer…Basically, from waste remained to me from other project..
  13. Tornado Floor Lamp

    Tornado Floor Lamp (December 2,2011- December 12, 2011) Dimensions: 14'' x 14'' x 48'' Net Weight: 60lbs So I still had a lot of sliced pieces of different repurposed old wood from my "Think Big" and my "Bookshelf of Knowledge"... So I decided on making my first sculptural floor lamp for fun...
  14. Milking stool from old wood

    There are three legs, so guaranteed not to wobble! I made the top from some old oak, and the legs are from old pine boards. It is finished with shellac and pecan stain.
  15. old wooden scraps with mirror

    ....75×60x4cm…glued and nailed on 6cm plywood+frame from spruce stained to mahogani…finished with matt polyurethane varnish…hanging = french cleat…
  16. Old Fence Turned Bathroom Shelves

    Here's one way I turned some old cedar fence slats into something useful… A narrow-depth set of bathroom shelves. The inside dimensions of the shelves are 3" x 16-1/2" x 1-1/2".
  17. Wood & Lumber
    So a fellow LJ, Todd Clare and I hauled away some salvaged beams from one of the older buildings in downtown Denver (LoDo, actually) that is being completely renovated right now. We think the wood is Douglas Fir, or something similar, but we're not sure? The Saddlery Building itself used to be a...
  18. Woodturning
    Yesterday I went back to a piece I started about a couple years ago. It is Mesquite root burl that I got near Prescott, Arizona. It has probably been dead over 50 years as there was only the stump was left. I really don't know when or what the heck caused me earlier to turn a 3" tenon as I don't...
  19. Blogs
    An Introduction of Wood Happenings An Introduction of Wood Happenings So it's that time again….and if you've spent any amount of time around here at LJ; last spring, summer and fall then you must know by now, some-what as to my occasional excursions into the forests and woods of New England...
    000 words of wood 100 pure tung oil 2 lb cut of shellac 50 a story of lakh all good wood projects need all i see is no-junk an introduction of wood happenings apple wood art art born out of chaos article awakened in your gobi barn tales barns barns of new england beavers beavers and the environment benches bents birch birch burl black knots black walnut blog stories blogging bob dylan branch joinery broadax brushes burl burl on a spit burls business cabin cabin in the woods canted purlin posts chain saw mill chain sawing chainsaw chainsaw mill chainsaw milling chainsaw milling of wood chainsaw mills chainsawing chainsawing free form chainsaws cherry wood china wood oil chisel chisels coalescing with wood colors of fall colors of fall in nh colors of shellac colors of shellac from a kayak controversy and knots counter top counter tops de-waxed shellc doldrums complaisance and working the wood dreaming dreams drupaceous drupe drupes and drupaceous nuts as tung oil echo-friendly ways to work the wood encased knots english barn english sitting bench explanation of experience and art fall colors finishing finishing of wood finishing with shellac finishing wood firewod forest forests frederick franck fredericks francks ten commandments free form sculpture free form wood art free form wood bench free form wood sculpture free form woodworking free style wood sculpture art freehand chainsaw milling froe furniture gargantuan green ninja turtle garnet shellac garnet shellac flakes gb bar gb lumber mill german garnet dewaxed shellac flakes glamdring glamdring and chainsaw milling of pine glamdring and hard-rock sugar maple go ask the lac-bug about finishing wood gouge gouges haiku hand cutting wood joinery hand hewn beams hand planes hand tools hand working wood hemlock pine hiking hobbit holes hobbit holes in myworld hobbit holes in myworld --by rusticwoodart hobbits hobbits and hobbit holes holes and their purpose of un-veiling the box holeswoodworkingand wood gathering 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1-20 of 23 Results