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  1. Gun Cabinet Dream

    ========================================================== This project has been moved to the "Blogs". Please post all comments there. Thank you all. ========================================================== Woodworking is like nothing I have ever been interested in. There is something...
  2. A Japanese Bunmawashi (Beam Compass)

    If you prefer not to read, the build video is here View on YouTube I first heard of this tool from the Toshio Odate book on Japanese tools. I thought it was pretty fascinating and I tucked it away in the back of my mind as a "do it someday" project. Well the excuse to build came when one of...
  3. Reclaimed Old Growth 2x4 & Copper Pipe Waterfall Table

    My take on the classic waterfall table is made from reclaimed, old growth 2×4s (from Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago) and from commercial grade copper pipe. The 2×4s used in the table are probably more than 100 years old (as are a few of the nails that are still embedded). This piece functions as...
  4. Plywood trivet and cutting boards

    Went cutting board crazy in between big projects. So much talent on this site I decided to compete with all you other guys and gals. First cutting board isn't a cutting board at all. It's a trivet made out of all scrap wood plywood. :) Second is cherry, oak, and maple I got from an Amish...
  5. Cutting Boards

    I might as well start my project postings with what seems to be the project of the year…Spagnuolo cutting boards. I know; it's like a bunghole, everyone's got one, but that doesn't mean we need to see it! The first is a Spagnuolo classic with the addition of a juice moat and finger grabs. The...
  6. Powder room redo

    Our circa mid 60's powder room had never had a redo, still sporting 1" pink floor tiles, a flimsy build-in vanity. The wife went to visit her mother for a week and I set out to surprise her! Ripped it all out, new underlayment and tile, wainscoting, built a new "table" on which to set the new...
  7. Perchero

    Realizado en roble ..espero les guste ..saludos desde chile.sudamerica
  8. Reclaimed Old Growth 2x4 & Copper Pipe Cocktail Table

    This custom-built cocktail table was made from about 40 linear feet of reclaimed, old growth 2×4s (from Great Lakes Yard in Chicago, Illinois) and from 140 pieces of L-grade copper pipe, 100 copper fittings, and 272 soldered joints. This was one of the biggest and heaviest pieces I've ever...
  9. Colorado Barnwood Farm Table reclaimed Doug Fir

    Wood came from a 100+ year old barn in La Salle, CO. It is tight grained Doug Fir hand planed on the top and rough on the base. Everything was scraped and soaked with danish oil. The top is waxed.
  10. Rocking chair - Walnut & Southern Yellow Pine

    Inspiration 2.0 - Walnut and Old Growth Southern Yellow Pine This sculpted rocking chair is built from 2'' Canadian Black Walnut and OGSYP accented with Ebony plugs. This is a large version ( 5' 8'' - 6'2'' ). The leg/headrest design borrows more form the Maloof design with legs extending like...
  11. Veneered Desk Top

    This is my first veneer project and it was a lot to bite off let me tell you… I'm really proud of this project, I'm building a corner desk using walnut and old growth southern yellow pine. The top is Baltic birch plywood veneered with walnut on the bottom and syp on the top with a walnut...
  12. Table for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

    As promised, here are pictures of the table Ancientwood created for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Enjoy!
  13. Old Growth Cypress & Walnut cutting board

    Well I know there are a glut of cutting boards on here but…here's another one. They are great fun to make and since they're so practical they make good gifts too. In fact this one is going to my sis-in-law for Christmas. I'm not 100% sure on the wood species of the lighter wood but a local...

    Made this tenderizing board for my wife to go with the mallet . All the maple came from my maple off cut bin and with a bit of shuffling I was able to enough pieces to make this board and just to add a little I added a piece of Jatoba to one corner . The sides are cut at an 7 DEG.angle to make...
  15. Rehandled Aldi chisel with mango

    I have a fair few of these queensland mango blanks laying around (they were too good a deal to pass up), and the steel on the Aldi chisels is pretty good - these are the ones that Paul Sellers raves about. Unfortunately the handles are a bit long, and not comfortable to my hands. I'm now torn...
  16. Drill Press Cabinet

    Another chapter in the never ending story of the search for more shop storage. 3/4-inch plywood case and drawers, cherry drawer fronts, and an old re-purposed shelf for a top.
  17. Black Walnut Serving Spoons

    Black walnut serving spoons, 8 1/2″ × 3 1/2" with a 3 1/4" bowl. Seasoned with walnut oil/beeswax and polished to 600 grit.
  18. "Tree Ring" Old Growth

    Created by Woodlab Designs in Eureka Ca. "Tree Ring" Old Growth slab coffee table. Old growth redwood beautifly crafted table with a one of a kind CNC carving designed from an image of a rotted out tree ring. I have never seen anything like it before! Humboldt Hardware
  19. Table from reclaimed old growth redwood

    Only in Humboldt Ca. We have the old growth and lots of it keep checking for more. Made by Ancient Origion Trinidad Ca.
  20. Custom Curly Sapele Veneer Photo Album

    Here is a photo Album I made for my brother for Christmas. The center panels are some beautiful Curly Sapele Veneer on 1/4" MDF. The outer frame, made using half lap joints, I was told was redwood, but was leaning more towards Cedar maybe. Maybe someone can help identify. I bought it along...
1-20 of 45 Results