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  1. Fireman's Fire Hose Flag

    This was a fun project….flag made out of an old fire hose. Wood of choice was Jatoba.
  2. Flag Displays

    I made these for going away gifts for a couple of guys I work with. The flags were flown during our last deployment. I made two coin slots in each base, one is to hold my ship's command and the other is to hold a coin from the squadron who flew the flag during a combat mission. You know when...
  3. Man Room Flag Pole

    So I was in a bind….a blank space in my man room….what to do, what to do….. So I've been asking for years for my wife to let me put a nice flag pole in the front yard…..the most common response is "that's not going to happen". So as an alternative I figured I would bring Old Glory indoors...
  4. Wine Barrel Old Glory with mounted F/A-18 Hornet

    I love making flags from old wine or whiskey barrels but I needed something to amp this one up a little. I added a Sapele F/A-18 Hornet and seems to be a nice finishing touch. Fly Navy.
  5. Wine Barrel Old Glory

    Love making these wine barrel flags. Each one has it's own look and comes to life after clear coating.
  6. Folded Flag Challenge Coin Display

    Simple project for the day; I actually made two. The base is hickory. The folded, wood flag and stars are painted with a small walnut base. Should hold about 35 coins.
  7. "Old Glory" - End Grain American Flag

    Hey Folks - This piece was heavily influenced by MTMWood's beautiful end grain cutting boards (look him up on Youtube - it's worth it). I had to modify his design a bit because while I have a nice shop I don't have quite all of the industrial sized tools he uses (and now I really want a wide...
  8. Finishing
    Just wanted to make a quick post to pass along my experience and tips spraying General Finishes milk paint with my HVLP. I just finished building a crib for my first child. The wife wanted it painted so I used 6/4 poplar and so far it looks great. I'll post project once I'm done. I used my...
1-8 of 8 Results