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  1. Sharpening Station

    Here is my chisel and plane blade sharpening station. It holds a water stone and my diamond stone along with this, it has two stops for plane blades 25 and 30 degree and three stops for my chisels 25, 30 and 35. I use these in conjunction with a sharpening guide. I got this idea i think from...
  2. Traditional Oilstone Holder

    I decided to make a traditional holder for my Norton medium India stone (8"x2"x1") after watching Bill Carter talking about oilstones on YouTube. After searching the internet for other examples, I merged all the elements that I liked into my design. It features a pitched roof, opposing chamfers...
  3. Hand Tools
    I cleaned up this 2 by 1.25 by 7.25 (inches) oil stone: Can anyone tell what kind of stone it is? Is it a brown/pink translucent Arkansas stone?
1-3 of 3 Results