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  1. oil lamp

    Oil lamp made of Mimosa.This piece had such beautiful figure it would have been lost in a bowl. finish is Dr. Kirks scratch freee and mylands hi friction polish. oil lamp insert is from Craft Supply. Comments welcome.
  2. Oil lamp

    Oil lamp made from granadillo. This is the first project that I detailed the bottom and figured out quickly that the tools needed to be sharpened to finish it. Finish is 4 coats of tung oil sanded with 0000 steel wool in between coats.
  3. Candlelight dinner.

    Here is a oil lamp and wine stopper that is a gift. It is made from cherry and has a tung oil finish. Learned a valuable lesson on the oil lamp, ie when the wood has a crack and you CA it up, be careful that you don't glue it to the wood dowel jig that you are using to turn it. It took an...
  4. Small oil lamp of fir

    Small oil lamp from fir. Measures about 3.5" tall.
  5. Rick's: Mini Oil Lamps

    Nov. 23/10 The Mini Oil Lamp. My role: purchasing the inserts from Lee saying "let's make this for Xmas" (after the purchase was made of course), posting the project to So, with my idea in motion, Rick made this sample oil lamp to see how the process...
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I'm new to the site, but i've been woodworking for a few years now. Everything I've ever built has been from a set of plans. I've been wanting to build a gun cabinet for some time but haven't find a plan I like. while searching on the Web I've came across some gun cabinets that look like a...
  7. Marketplace Classifieds
    Does any LJ have an "extra" set of Stanley No. 45 cutters they'd like to sell? I got a 45 recently and it only had the 3/4" dado cutter with it. I like the 3/4" cutter, but it's probably not the one I would have chosen to practice using the 45 with. I have bid on a few sets on the bay...
1-7 of 7 Results