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  1. Repurposed kitchen table rock turtle in epoxy

    Repurposed tile top kitchen table… idea after wife found this table at yard sale and she wanted to replace the broken tile on top.. she wanted to replace with cobalt blue tile which was super $$$ and no one carried.. so I had cobalt blue spray paint just so she could see color before...
  2. Ocean Waves Wall Art

    The ocean waves Wall Art piece is based on several ocean wave pictures. I started with the original grayscale images, combined and modified the images in a software program. Next, I created a 3 dimensional model from the modified grayscale images. The model was cut using a CNC machine and hand...
  3. Stand UP Surfing Paddle Project #1 for Daryle and Lucas

    aloha everyone, my name is marlon and im from the beautiful island of oahu in Hawaii. im a surfer, longboarder, shortboarder, stand up surfer…ive tried em all. one day while stand up surfing, my buddies daryl and lucas had a great idea to build a wooden stand up surf paddle, and of course they...
  4. Jewelery Case "Guard fish and the medieval sea monsters"

    Jewelery Case "Guard fish and the medieval sea monsters" Linden, beech, fumed oak, oil painting. 21 cm Действующие лица: Рыба - быба - проводник: Плод авторской фантазии. Морской монах - Чудовище обитающее в северных морях. Морской монах пугает моряков давно, но со времен раннего...
  5. Shark Trinket Box

    Original Plan from Lackwood This was my first attempt at making a trinket box and at using multiple woods layered in one project. It's a combination of Lacewood, Walnut, and Aspen. Dimensions are 2-3/4" tall x 3-3/4" wide. I finished it with two coats of tung oil.
  6. Trio of Shark Teeth

    Original Plans were ordered from The Wooden Teddy Bear These were made by request for someone who is an avid diver and a lover of sharks. He chose Lacewood for the design and they're backed in plywood painted the same color as the paint table (which is why you can't see the backing).
  7. Wooden Spoons

    Three spoons, I made last year. They are made of linden, and drenched in linseed-oil. I don´t know if they where that fun to carve (lost a lot of blood, rookie…), but it was the best form of meditation I have ever tried. Especially one day; when I was sitting on a small mountain, just me, a...
  8. Serenity

    Serenity Pyrography burned on Red Cedar. Measures 11" x 15", Rocky Coast edged with burned rope design. Touched up with light acrylic paint & finished with several coats of Polycrylic
  9. US Navy on rough sea automaton

    USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier with F/A-18 planes and H-60 Seahawk helicopter
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    I've searched on this, but can't find the answer. I'm building about 30 drawer boxes out of 15mm birch ply for a kitchen/pantry/bathroom project. Previously, I've used biscuit joints for drawer boxes, but with 18mm stock. With 15mm, though, you have to shim the stock while cutting the biscuit...
  11. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I search craigslist a couple time a week for deals. I've been looking for a great deal on a dust collector because my current collector isn't powerful enough to do anything but collect chips. I ran across this dust cat this weekend which is designed to filter the air in the shop. I'd never heard...
  12. Marketplace Classifieds
    For all of those LJs in Utah, just wanted to mention I have about 50 sheets of 4×8 veneer and other ply that I would like to sell. Here is a general list of what I have: (9) 1/8" thick 4×8 sheets of "Lite Ply" (~10) 1/8" thick 4×8 sheets of white ply mdf with a solid white surface (~25)...
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey guys, I am on the craigslist trail again, this time searching for a bandsaw. I am looking for a long-term saw with a decent amount of power (probably at least 2 hp, I do have 220), that has the capability to occasionally resaw boards about 10" wide. I have a decent amount of experience with...
1-15 of 15 Results