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  1. Seth Thomas #2 Regulator, Inspired Clock

    I had seen photos of the Seth Thomas #2 Regulator and I wanted to build one but I could not find a set of plans. It took years but I came across a book with plans for this clock. I took the plans and redrew them to full size. Finding the movement and the hardware was another story. This is...
  2. Keep It Simple - word art

    It simply says, "Keep It Simple". An interesting eyecatching movational wood art that would look nice on a desk or any other area where you would notice it. Made from 3/4 red oak, soaked of one hour in Danish Oil Natural and will have a lacquer finish tomorrow. It measures 3 inches tall by 5 1/2...
  3. Hall Table

    This is a table I just finished. The top is olive ash burl, black dyed maple banding with a mahogany border. The legs are oak tapered bent laminated and then ebonized using tree bark tea and vinegar with iron. I did the top with a...
  4. Floating top table

    This was an assignment at school the requirements were to have tapered legs and a veneered top (i made a smaller veneered top to suit the assignment but put the solid one on to take it home) it also had to have a drawer. instead of building the project they had for us to build i brought in this...
  5. Chessboard

    Here is my first real woodworking project worthy of sharing. My wife's chest board with drawers for the pieces. It is White Oak and Red Cedar, There is very few pieces not of my making, actually just two items the plastic feet and the wooden dolls head for the drawer pulls. The drawer...
  6. End grain cutting board - circle #2

    Hi guys. I would like to share their design that made the weekend - round End grain cutting board. Have used oak. I hope you enjoy. Here is the link to the video
  7. Arts & Crafts Clock

    This is one of my latest designs. Quartersawn white oak with a etched copper face and a bronze moth tile that I made. The moth design came from an old pewter clock I saw once. I made the tile and then made a silcon mold. Then I cast a wax piece from the mold and had a foundry pour the bronze. I...
  8. baby cradle

    I made this cradle for my first grand daughter out of oak . I should have made 2- they had identical twins! (Thus woodworking has taken a back burner to my now first love- the babies!)
  9. Red Oak Serving Tray

    A lot of firsts in this small tray including first glue-up for the bottom, first miters, first splines. It's far from perfect, but I learned a lot and it does its job.
  10. Haunted Forest Tile Frieze mounted QSWO arts and crafts style frame DAN WALTERS TILE wall piece

    Artists always sell their best work and this one is gone. Framed stoneware tile frieze in bronze finish. Quartersawn white oak. All my tiles start as mahogany relief woodcarvings,then … made into plaster molds, pressed stoneware clay and kiln fired to 2375 Bronze acid patina finish is produced...
  11. New Wood for Old Bench

    I received some OAK strips that were used in transportation of Wind Mill parts. I cleaned them up and machined them and put them into my Mothers bech with Cast iron sides and back insert. It is way more sturdy than the cheap pine that was in it. and the warmth of oak makes everyone want to sit...
  12. Stickly Style Tv stand

    I dont do many free standing furniture pieces bit here ia a nice one I did for a customer to match their existing lanp stands Solid oak , and oak ply 's I did all the plans cutting , assembly k and finish work.
  13. Half Round Table

    After all the clunky items that I build, I finally made table that is a little more delicate, All in white oak with an antique look stain and clear finish. Glued up top with biscuit joinery, the apron is veneered.
  14. Bay window trim and accent shelf

    My sister and BIL had some serious hail damage 2 years ago during a storm. When they settled up with the insurance company for new siding and shingles they also decided to put in the larger bay window. She asked me to do the trim work and add the shelf above the window for her knick-knoacks.
  15. Dog gate

    Just finished this gate to keep the dogs off the furniture and carpet that is yet to be installed. Pretty basic design held shut with rare earth magnets.
  16. Mates Bed - April '05

    This is actually my first wood working project completed back in April '05. Built from plans I received from Knotty Plans. Finish sanded to 220 with Minwax Golden Pecan. Lessons Learned: NEVER pull a full sheet of plywood off the rack by yourself (I know, common sense). The original...
  17. Arts and Craft style wine cabinet

    I made this piece looking different Arts & Craft designs and photos. It holds 10 bottles of wine and 6 wine glasses. Ken
  18. New Life for an Old Dresser

    My Fiance asked me to transform with dresser into something she saw on pinterest. I believe it is from the late 70s to early 80s during the mass production of this style oak dressers. Figuring out the bracing support for the seat was the hardest part for me. Sanding off the old varnish took the...
  19. A Modern Foot Stove..

    As you all probably know by now, it can be pretty cold on the lonesome hill here in Central Portugal. And although we have the modern comfort of electricity and internet, a lot of things still happen here as it did hundreds of years ago like warming the house with a wood stove. When it's really...
  20. Chisel Plane Made From Firewood

    A Chisel Plane Is a hand plane that can get right up to the edge where a traditional plane can not go. This one is made of white oak firewood, a scrap of Padauk, and an old Block plane iron. It can be made of most any hardwood you would like, these are just what I had on hand. I like doing...
481-500 of 500 Results