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  1. Wood spiral (Koru)

    Material: Bog oak wood ( about 6000 years old !!!) Size: 1,25 inch or 32 mm long Finish: linseed oil and waxed with combination of carnauba and beeswax.
  2. Kleenex box covers

    My wife has several Kleenex boxes strategically placed around the house. They are not really attractive so I thought I could conceal them with some good looking wood. My first thought was to design a simple hardwood box. Then I got inspired when I looked at some of my Arts & Crafts furniture...
  3. Husband and Wife Shadowboxes

    I was recently asked to build matching style shadowboxes for a husband and wife retiring from the Coast Guard together. It is always nice to get return business but even better when you get to see continued success for the client. Back in 2014 I was asked to build a hatbox for a newly selected...
  4. Men's Wooden Clock

    Men's wooden watch How do you make look at my channel.
  5. New paperweights

    Found some more coins worth keeping so I made them permanent by placing them into a wooden paperweight. Now they won't be lost in some drawer or box of odds and ends.
  6. Oak Waterbed | Custom

    I thought I would include a waterbed project since waterbeds are where we got our start over 35 years ago. This one is built using oak wood and has a bookcase headboard. The raised panel doors on the headboard slide to gain access to each compartment. The pedestal under this one is a 9 1/4"...
  7. Murphy Bed with Sofa | Custom

    This is a Hidden Wall Bed that I completed in February 2015. It is my simple Alpine style. The customer wanted a Sofa to be placed in front of it. I had to make a few changes to make that happen. First to get enough height for the seat platform, I needed to raise the murphy bed up 4". Then...
  8. TicTacToe board

    Hiya, first time posting here along with one of the first serious woods project I've done. I volunteer at a daycare service for k-2 graders and they have shown a fascination with the game we all have played at one point in time, TicTacToe. Now I have a pile of woodworking stuff in my garage...
  9. Large Wooden Scissors

    I was contracted by the City of Dover DE to build a pair of large wooden scissors for the mayor to use during ribbon cutting ceremonies, so here they are. Made of solid Oak, they are 35" tall and 11.5" wide at the handles. They open and close smoothly. The finish is a black walnut satin stain...
  10. Homemade Small Wooden C-Clamps

    Hi. This is my first post here-Please let me know if I'm accidentally doing something that isn't allowed :) If you're a woodworker, You know woodworking clamps are expensive. As a 13 year old DIY'er, I don't have a big budget, So I wanted to share two of my homemade C-Clamps. I'm pretty sure I...
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Final edit: Refurbers is dead…. so is this thread. EDITED: Hey Refurbers, or Remodelers……Where u at? . Winters over! ......Yahoo! I have so many outside projects lined up! Looks like the new guys fixed the website. NO MORE VIAGRA COMMERCIALS!.... YEA!!! If you are a carpenter or remodeler...
1-11 of 11 Results