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  1. 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

    I know that it has been a little while since I have been on the site but its only because my computer was down and to be honest I needed a little break. This project has been long over due and I was tired of tripping over my files and Sketchup plans so I decided to make myself this filing...
  2. Deer Mount Panels

    These are some deer mount panels I made for a friend. He is going to put the finish on them. It is hard to see in the pic's but I used a roman ogee bit on the edge. Panels are made of Oak veneer on MDF.

    This is a modification of the Display Bookcase Plan from American Woodworker September 2007 Issue #130. I built this Display Cabinet for a good friend with a very extensive, varied and quality fishing reel collection. It seems to be well accepted and well stocked. So, I am very pleased with the...
  4. Display Coffee Table

    Here is our display coffee table I made back some years ago. Wife decides around Christmas time, she wanted a new coffee table. We hit the mall's, and go into the furniture dept. of Penney's and there it is just what she wanted. She has this small 6' steel tape, and I have the small pad, so she...
  5. Hungarian Shelves

    I inherited a large number of books this winter, so I needed more shelf space. I built another set of shelves like this one on the opposite wall several years ago, so the process went pretty smoothly. Differences on this set were one less shelf so taller books would fit, and I used oak edge...
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Most of us have suffered through the 'Cube' furniture craze of the '80s. In the backlane behind my house, a neighbor tossed a coffee/end table of this era, and after a few rainy days, it caught my eye. I brought it home…with an idea in mind. So, I set about to cut in a cavity in one side...
1-6 of 6 Results