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  1. Blogs
    Corner Bookcase "Lazy Susan, Rotating Center", Challange 04 Hello All, Here's my attempt at entering the Bookcase Challenge. My plans are for a Corner Bookcase Unit, with a Rotating Center Section. It will be constructed in two sections, Top and Bottom. These will be subdivided...
  2. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I need help. I bought a Unisaw on Craig's List. The saw blade on my Unisaw does not align with the table top. It is out over a 32nd front to back. How do you adjust this? I am hoping for a QUICK response. The saw is a Delta 36-953. THANKS!
  3. Jigs & Fixtures
    I got myself in a bind today while cutting some boards to length. I had four to cut but they were longer than the Kreg Precision Trak I use on the miter saw station. So, I recycled the adjustable extension stop block I had used previously on my table saw cross cut sled. To make it useable, I...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have been stack cutting (fretwork inside cutting) five pieces 1/4" oak plywood with my scroll saw for ornaments and other home deco projects. The problem that I have been having started when the plywood that I buy now has a hard core layer in the middle of the plywood. My scroll blades dull...
61-64 of 64 Results