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  1. Stand-Up Desk

    Solid oak stand-up desk I built for my home office.
  2. Blanket Chest

    I'm new to Lumberjocks. I've been viewing other projects for awhile, and now I have something finished to contribute as well. This blanket chest is my first attempt at crafting a finished piece that is larger than a step-stool or shelf. The ogee feet were cut on a table saw - a technique...
  3. Oak Kitchen Cabinet

    My kitchen has limited amount of cabinet space. So this was a project I knew was going to enjoy building. I designed it, and built it to spec. It's just about 95% oak. Mosaic tile top I had built for another project played a major role in the dimensioning of this cabinet. Equipped with full...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    This is a working machine, 1-1/8 hp. Motor has be rebuilt/rewound. Includes basic system with mortise attachment and lathe accessories, disk sander attachment. Very good shape. Is there any interest? I can send pics.
  5. Blogs
    First logging/milling project This Oak Tree has been a part of out family for years. We have numerous pictures and memories of this tree when it was alive. The tree was struck by lightning approx. two years ago. My Dad Decided to take all of the limbs off of the tree and possibly have it milled...
  6. Hand Tools
    Hello I am looking to do a live edge slab coffee table and was wondering if i could get away with just using a router and sled assembly to flatten the board and then finish off with a smoothing plane. I should note I do not have a plane at the moment but have used them before. Good planes are...
1-6 of 6 Results