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  1. 2 roll-around oak cabinets for new church youth center

    A friend of mine knows that I do a lot of woodworking. He asked me to design and build 2 cabinets for their new youth room at their church. One cabinet is open in front and back, and holds a standard 19" steel rack for computer rack mounted items. The other cabinet will be lockable with a...
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    My very first kitchen cabinets We've been using a chrome IKEA set of shelves for medical supplies and pots and pans. Our daughter wanted it back, so the alternative was to add a set of cabinets. This is the top cabinet sans handles. My first attempt at cabinets. I am working on three more units...
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    And the count down begings! 6 days to go! I got a call today from UPS. When I bought my new drum sander from Grizzly, I was told not to expect it before August 20th. That sucker is gonna be here Wednesday! Now I can complete the cabinet doors way ahead of schedule. The sandpaper rolls came...
1-3 of 3 Results