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  1. My first turned box

    I decided to try my hand at turned boxes. I have some 2.5" x 2.5" square oak shipping stock and I cut a 5" piece. I turned it round then added the rings. I used a forsner bit to hollow out the inside. It was a fun project. I used CA glue to finish with. A couple of first here. The last...
  2. Ring Box

    I made several of these for a couple of upcoming craft shows. Made from some old oak true 2×4's. Finish is three coats of homemade wipe-on poly. Used Minwax polyurethane thinned with mineral spirits.
  3. A Little Scrap Box

    I've finally gotten back in my shop. My last trip down to the shop reminded me that I'm extremely allergic to cocobolo. As it turns out I'm also mildly allergic to walnut now too. I decided to make a little box from red oak scrap. I forgot how tough this stuff is to machine as it tears out...
  4. Oak box for neighbors knife collection

    My neighbor talked me into building him an oak box to keep his collection of old pocket knives in. He provided input for dimensions and the trim. He's pretty pleased with it. What do you think??
  5. Oak Toy Boxes

    I have made one of these for each of my three boys. The panels are made of three 1×6 boards edge joined with biscuits. Front/back to side joints are simple rabbet joints reinforced with screws driven from the sides that were later hidden by the legs. Safety hinges, of course, to protect the...
  6. First red oak box using MLCS router bit set

    After making a test box in common pine, I went ahead and made one from red oak. It took a call to the MLCS technical help desk, for me to figure out how to make multiple passes on the router table for the big bit that makes the box sides. You need to raise the bottom of the bit about 1/4" above...
  7. Cargo Crate Style Pencil Box

    I needed a couple of quick gifts and a pencil box seemed like a good idea. This Cargo Crate Style Pencil Box features simple butt joints and a tilting lid. And uses the material scraps to create a cargo crate esthetic. The finish is a wipe on Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO) which is perfect for this...
  8. Oak box with figured walnut panel

    My father died recently and his sister wanted a box to hold his correspondence. I had this piece of walnut waiting for the proper moment and it seemed like this was the project for it. My Aunt was pleased and I think my father would have been also. Thanks for looking.
  9. Personal boxs for two of my GSs

    My DIL asked me to make two of my GSs a box they could keep their stuff in. My resaw BS blade is getting dull and it burns some as it saws. As I was sawing and saw the color I decided to make the boxes as ammo boxes and turn the burned side out. It makes for a rustic look. I think they will...
1-9 of 9 Results