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  1. Street Pendant Sculpture

    Pendant Sculpture suspended over 44th rd. Recycled Hardwoods. Custom steel truss. Long Island City. October 2013. Jay Greene
  2. Aircraft Box

    Well this is my first project with a new table saw and the first project I have posted on lumberjocks. I am new to woodworking so I am finding out quickly there is a learning curve. This is a box I made for the aircraft I fly. Up till now I have been using a cardboard box. No kidding. I think...
  3. Cherry jewelry chest

    This is a jewelry chest I just finished for my wife. It is made out of cherry with cherry veneer. There is blue velvet in the dividers. Sorry I don't have the equipment to do videos.
  4. New York City Skyline Carving

    Mahogany & Cherry wood carving of NYC skyline with the Twin Towers & the American flag in background. The design of the city took me about 8 Hrs to design in my CAD program and about 20 Hrs to carve on my CNC machine using a 1/16 bit. Size is 13 inches tall & 36 inches long.
  5. case for iphone 4s

    Protective sleeve for the iphone 4s. I have done these in the past but this is the first for the 4s generation. In previous designs, many times I received feedback that asked 'could it be made thinner?'. This case was built for me, and I don't plan on selling lots of them on Etsy or anything...
  6. Wood & Lumber
    Hi these pics are from a late 1860s Renaissance Revival brownstone in Brooklyn Heights. Can anyone ID the species? Client thought it was walnut but it looks to me like mahogany or maple with a faux mahogany stain. Trying to match new built-ins to existing work.
  7. Focus on the Workspace
    Looking for a woodworker to share my shop in NYC. See craigslist posting below for full details and pictures. Mat
  8. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Hi all, Just throwing a line out there for anybody in the New York City area who could help out my sister-in-law with a project. She is redoing a kitchen and had cabinets brought in, but they want a table top for their island made of wood, rather than granite or anything else. They are...
  9. Woodcarving
    What is wood good for? For trees? Yes, but this begs the question. Restart. What are one's essential needs of wood, good for? A silly, if not confusing, question. Blather. Because "essential needs" need not be qualified as possessing a "positive" requisite. Essential needs are necessary by...
1-10 of 10 Results