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  1. Early learning toy influenced by Montessori

    A simple toy for toddlers to recognize shapes and numbers. It's made from 12mm plywood and 10mm dowel. Made using basic hand tools :) Numbers are burned on with a pyrography machine. There are details on how to make this on my Instructables page here...

    Three different orders : KUHINJA (kitchen) - oak, 18cm hight LUKA (the name) - walnut, 20cm hight 19 (house number) - ash, 15cm hight I cut all on bandsaw, finish wood oil.
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I've tried googling this, but maybe the answer is so simple that no one ever thought that this question would be asked. I've been trying to learn a little bit about handplanes by reading online, and have yet to figure out ifthere is any logic to the numbering scheme of handplanes. My only...
  4. Woodcarving
    Hey gang, I have a new hare-brained project. This requires that I carve some small numbers into blocks of wood. See here for a picture of Napier's Bones. This set clearly has pasted-on paper labels. That's ok, but at some point, it is no longer woodworking, it is crafting. I know how to...
  5. Blogs
    Video: How to Carve a Sign, Part 1 In this two-part video series I'll show you how to carve and finish a sign from high-density urethane (EZboard). I hope this is helpful to you. Your comments and questions are welcome. More info on EZboard can be found at
1-5 of 5 Results