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  1. spirit of wood

    Spirit of wood

    An entryway bench made from black walnut. The top veneer is maple, and the inlay is from various woods. The legs are 45 degree miter with a 1/4 X 1/4 grove routed down the joint and an oak strip glued in and smoothed off. The meeting of the miter joint was not bad but I just wanted to add the strip.
  3. Our new curved sides entertainment center

    Had an Idea a year ago and drew it up I thought it would look cool so 6 months ago I started and just finished. We love it! it feels like your at the moves lol
  4. Kitchen cabinet with crown molding

    Frist time into doing crown molding in a kitchen,Ray my partener helped me finish up the job
  5. Second ever project

    My second project, first being a redwood BBQ grill table, made with stock dimensioned red oak lumber from Lowes. Tools, cut-off saw, hand drill, dowel jig, clamps and a orbital sander.
  6. First Project Ever: jewelry box

    This is my first woodworking project. There are lots of flaws but I figured I would show it here since I got ideas from so many of you. The sides are poplar, with red oak keys in the joints. I also used red oak for the lining on the inside as well as the tray. The top is walnut burl veneer...
  7. Cross Carving

    When our neighbour's son announced that he was getting married and he had just gotten his degree in divinity, I thought that I would carve a Celtic cross from lumber that was on his parents property. I asked and was told to go ahead, the cross is carved from bass wood ( linden) and the base is...
  8. Chair 1

    I promised to make a chair (and a settee, maybe I'll post that too), and the wife promised to provide the cushions - you can see which of us has kept to the bargain. I'm new to this, so I try to avoid joints I can't make with my minimal tool kit, and, as you can see, I go for sturdiness - it's...
  9. Hannah's Bed

    Nothing really fancy here. Hannah had a hand-me-down bed with some beat up drawers under the bed for storage of her voluminous stuff. Searched the web and found some DIY ideas and took it from there. It's just a series of bookcases really under and behind the head of the bed. To stretch my...
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I am a retired guy, 57, who has a couple of hobby shops on my property. I am here to (hopefully) learn from the pros, and avoid costly mistakes. Among the many tools, is a Samson 510 CNC table. It is actually a plasma cutting table, but I have a router mounted where the plasma cutter would...
  11. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Really new to all of this. So far have made a platform bed and a blanket ladder for family. I want to make this trash can holder for my sister but I don't understand how to make the cuts in the base of this. Does anyone have a link or a basic explanation on the tools or whatever I would need to...
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    One of the things I love about the Lumber Jocks website is that people from all levels of woodworking and from all walks of life can enjoy each other's ideas, thoughts and skills. The vast array of talent here is astounding and it makes it even more enjoyable when you see a small novice piece...
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hello all! Have been signed up for a short time, a novice really, to woodworking and this web site! With soooo many great tips and information, I hope that I am posting in the correct heading. My project (going on waaaaay too long) is a 10' long 2" X 10", pine I would guess! With cutouts...
  14. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Has anyone tried Autodesk Fusion 360 to design woodworking plans? I started my 30 day free trial and it appears to be easier than Sketchup so far.
  15. Woodturning
    Hey guys! So I just got started in wood turning a little bit ago and want to build up a pen collection without breaking the bank. Any suggestions? I already have the pen mandrel, slimeline pen/pencil bushings, 10 mm drill,7mm drill, 7mm barrel cleaner and all finishing supplies. I've turned...
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi there i am new at attempting to make my own furniture, seeing i just bought a property and i have more wood than cash now. Basically i am limited on tool looking to see.what i would need for this project. And how i can accomplish this the cheapest and easiest way while still appearing well...
  17. Joinery
    Hey everyone. New guy here. First large project. Thanks for your time. I'm building three, chunky, cube-style bookcases out of pine 2×12's (see dimension plans attached). So, I built a router jig to cut exact 1-1/2" wide dadoes exactly the same width apart and square to the edge of the lumber...
  18. CNC Woodworking
    Hi, I've been doing woodworking for over 35 years, and I have a fully equipped shop, but this is my first CNC. I had run CAD plotters with 2d XY movements. That was pretty simple, but 3d looks pretty intimidating. I am purchasing an Laguna IQ 4×4 system, but I'm not sure which software I should...
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    i was looking on cl and saw someone had a delta bandsaw for sale for 75 it looks like it could use some work and i was wondering of it is worth it
  20. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hey, Y'all. I just received an incra LS positioner (25 in.) for my birthday. I am ecstatic. I have laid by a sheet of melamine and a sheet of MDF to make a top for it, and I have a bunch of 2 bys for framing. I normally use my Kreg jig for that type of joinery, as it is simple and quick. I have...
21-40 of 73 Results