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  1. Tray with an asian influence.

    I made this as a last minute gift for my wife's mother.. I used some Huon Pine I brought back from Tasmania recently and matched it up with some New Guinea Rosewood. The arcs were cut on the bandsaw using a variation of the Patron Jig… I have mentioned and used it several times on here… The tray...
  2. Blogs
    The deal is... My good mate Col [ of jewellery box fame] met a couple who are doing up a catamaran… and they started to sand the louvred cupboard doors… made from NZ Kauri BTW…. and then decided that was too much …. and now want to have the whole 16 handcrafted in New Guinea Rosewood… as he is...
  3. Blogs
    Make a start... Today, as I make my way out to the workshop, ideas are flying around… having looked at the information on lamination design that Scott sent….wow… so many new thoughts are spinning through my head… I had an inkling as to how it was done… but now the technical part is explained…...
1-4 of 4 Results