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  1. Joe Montana

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson.
  2. NFL Pallet Signs

    Thought I would play around with the band saw and scroll saw a bit and this is what happened. Pallet wood is not my normal choice of wood but I have enjoyed making these.
  3. Bottle Openers

    3 Bottle openers based off of plans I got from Good Clean Fun by Nick Offerman. The maple one has an eagles logo carved into (did that with a Shaper Origin). The other two are bocote. A nail through the opening pries the cap off. The third uses a washer to do the same. They work fairly well.
  4. Wooden Kicker (like Super Toe)

    I had some false starts, but I finally got this project over the goal line.
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Wonder what the odds that this might happen ? Oh well, it is my prediction. Go Jets !!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. and I'm really a Bronco fan .
1-7 of 7 Results