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  1. River rimu ring

    I was recently given some rimu picket fence posts from someone redoing the fencing around their home. As I began sanding them down I realised it was river rimu. I find rimu generally too soft for ring making, but river timber being harder, I thought I'd give it a go. Turned out quite sharp. The...
  2. Rewarewa ring with bone and pounamu inlay

    Finished commission: New Zealand rewarewa wood with bone and pounamu/NZ greenstone inlays. Rewarewa is one of only two species in the Protea family in New Zealand, and easily recognisable by its pale to dark reddish color and flecked appearance. The Kiwiest ring of them all! :p
  3. New Zealand River Matai with NZ Silver Beech Core

    New Zealand river matai, much darker than normal matai. One of the things I love about using river wood is that it's a more sustainable source of wood, because no new trees are cut. This particular ring looks very dark until you get it out into the sun, where it sports a gorgeous copper-gold shine.
  4. Unidentified wood ring #1

    I was recently given a banana box stacked with various wood off-cuts, primarily native NZ wood. Some of them are difficult to identify. Like this one. Whatever it is, the wood has a beautiful coppery shine, with green swathes in-between.
  5. Dcept side table/stool

    oak side table. six legs bevaled and shaped into oneanother. four solid curves make up the strecher hoop. finished with three coats of oil. visauly light but still strong this piece won a highly commended at the new zealand national woodskills festival at kawerau
  6. x3 tea tray and stand

    this is my first atempt at marketry/parquetry. mitred frame of tawa. pine legs reflect tray pattern. this got 3rd at taranaki woodfest 2011 my first wood competition entry.
  7. NZ native wood guitar picks

    A trifecta of guitar picks made from native New Zealand wood. Left to right is rimu, puriri, and black maire. I just felt like making something small but aesthetically pleasing. And it's something that generally comes in plastic that can instead be made from the smallest piece of 'scrap' wood...
  8. Strip planked hollow wooden surfboard

    This is my surfboard I made in NZ a few years ago, its waiting there for me when I go back home on holiday. Its 7foot 10 inch's funboard strip planked pine over a ply wood frame. I got a rough plan off the internet and drew a fullsize half plan on mdf to figure the dimensions of the frame...
  9. imprint table 1

    a simple little table, made from NZ rimu with macrocarpa legs. Therty years ago the the top was cut out of a benchtop to fit a sink and that offcut has been used as a kitchen chopping board till it was given to me to make something with. The surface had therty years of cuts and dents and the...
  10. Talyor, side table

    The top insert is teak off cut from the super yacht Salperton IV, The timber of the main structure, I'm not sure what species it is, were off cuts from friends refurbished deck. The different face colours are the result of the weathering just alternated their orientation. It stands at 440mm...
  11. Totara wedding band

    Recently finished totara wedding band. Totara is a native New Zealand wood that has good rot resistance. Finished with linseed oil and beeswax polish. The internal core is totara veneer.
  12. Green Swamp Kauri Tea Light Candle Holders

    Just finished these green swamp kauri tea light candle holders. These come with citronella candles because it's summer and y'all know what that means: MOZZIES.
  13. Tawa Hei Toki (Adze)

    Finished this hei toki from some awesomely flecked tawa over the week-end as the rain kicked in.
  14. Rimu ring with Pounamu and volcanic sand inlay

    River rimu ring with pounamu and volcanic sand (Piha beach) inalys. A private commission I made for someone's special bloke. Pounamu (NZ jade) and of course, volcanoes, are synonymous with New Zealand. Rimu is timber native to NZ. In all, this ring represents elements that are quintessentially...
  15. Rimu and American cherry bentwood rings

    Recently finished bentwood rings. The darker ring is rimu with a NZ tawa core. The second ring is American cherry with a birch inner core.
  16. Swamp kauri hei toki

    Finished with beeswax and boiled linseed. These days, toki are primarily worn for ornamental purposes. Traditionally, they were (and still are) made of pounamu (NZ greenstone) to represent the adze. Maori traditionally used pounamu to make a number of tools.
  17. Three-wood ring with paua (abalone) inlay

    Bit of an experiment made over a couple of days now that my hand is starting to feel better. The woods used are all native NZ timber: external is rimu and the darker wood is river matai. The inner core is totara veneer.
  18. Hand carved wooden spoon

    Got some 59-year-old rimu from mates renovating their home. I reckon I'll be doing a few more of these :)
  19. Tawa wood ring with European ash veneer core

    I was recently given a very pretty length of New Zealand tawa, with a lot of flecking. Turned a ring from a small piece and two flecks positioned themselves perfectly :) I'm also getting a lot better at putting veneer cores inside turned rings hurrah!
  20. vista bowl

    A little New zealand rimu bowl, 140mm x 50mm. Outside painted with acylic paint while turning on lathe to burnish paint into grain. Finsh is oiled.
1-20 of 40 Results