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  1. New Wave Gothic Memorial Credence (Communion) Table

    Religious and fraternal furniture always takes on a special meaning; these pieces accept the persona of ceremony and participate in religious occasions from regular services to weddings, to funerals to holidays. Religious piece lasts for generations, not just a few functional years in a home, so...
  2. Custom New Wave Gothic Shadow Box Frame

    This is a recent personal project - I have a tenancy to pull off some rather, how best described let's see … well overkill is a good way to describe it I guess … My father finally decided it was time to sign off on my "Masters" certification - which officially proclaimed that I have the basic...
  3. New Wave Gothic Dining Table

    Our New Wave Gothic Dining Room pieces define themselves by invoking the presence of royalty. A room adorned with hand carved works of artistic craftsmanship establishes the domain for your guests; wandering eyes quickly find focus on the massive table standing before them. Your centerpiece...
  4. Solid Walnut Rendition of our New Wave Gothic Dining Table

    This piece follows the same theme as our other New Wavev Gothic Dining Table - only this one was done in solid American Black Walnut. The table is part of a set with a matching server and two corner units, we'll post those shortly. Please visit my "projects" section for more images of this...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm building an outdoor table to match my in-laws set and will finish it with a gloss white paint to match. I wondered if i should use some type of sealer before painting the wood, or will the paint be enough? I'm using pine since it will be painted I didn't think the added cost of a good...
  6. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Can any USA member tell me what is called a Green card in the US.
1-6 of 6 Results