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  1. FWW New-fangled Workbench

    Originally published as project in the Nov/Dec 1999 issue of Fine Woodworking, this bench was developed by John White, the shop manager at FWW. It was recently revived when the folks at the magazine put out a video as an update due to several inquiries about the bench over the years. For links...
  2. Workbench: new-fangled hybrid

    Built of locally sawn pine 2×4x8s, top finished with a light coat of BLO. Pipes are 1/2". 90" long, 28.5" wide. I have the space to get into woodworking again, and since I stopped a few years ago have been researching workbenches. On one hand I really like the features of John White's NFW, but...
  3. Blogs
    Gift Box for Father's Day Hello everyone. It's been forever since I posted anything it seems. I've been pretty busy with home upgrades and stuff for work but I finally got into the shop this weekend for a serious amount of time. I purchased wood for the base of the bench I'll will be blogging...
1-4 of 4 Results