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  1. Netsuke inspired BAT

    I have a number of round blanks from Woodcraft and have wanted to work in a forced proportion. There are a number of these 'round' carvings on the drawing board. The japanese 'netsuke' was an inspiration but larger than the utilitarian version.
  2. Koko Chameleon 3" sphere

    Here is another character I just finished. It's carved from a 3" pine sphere. I am trying to get as much character as possible even if it means contorting the body into a position it could not actually attain. I wanted to have the eyes pointing in opposite directions as a real chamaleon can do...
  3. Netsuke "Gnom"

    Material: Boxwood and pear wood Measurements: netsuke 1.73"(4,4cm) stand 2.17"(5.5cm) diameter
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I think tools for men are like shoes are to women - can't have enough. However, we sometimes get caught with the paradigm of using the cheapest tools. In my new ShopNotes post, I discuss why buying expensive tools is a good thing. See that post here.
1-5 of 5 Results