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  1. African Mahogany Nesting Table

    Made this a few years ago. It was my first project that I actually sold…. Made out of African mahogany scraps. Finished with the witches brew of blo, poly, and mineral spirits. Learned alot from that project….
  2. Dove Box

    I realized I had not posted any projects. This took perhaps 10 minutes to make and is one of my favorite projects. It shows no skill or complexity, but I am fond of it. Last summer a pair of doves was trying to build a nest on a wire plant shelf in the back yard. They had their eggs roll off...
  3. Bumble bee box success

    I posted pics of a bumble bee project sometime ago. In June 2011 bees have moved into the box - hurrah! Quite a few people expressed an interest in this project, so I thought they might like to see these pics of a bee in the box (there are some others, honest).
  4. Nesting Tables

    My wife made a request for these a few weeks back. With all the snow we had in Minnesota it seemed like a good idea to hit the shop and make it happen. Made from cherry and I plan to put a danish oil finish on them today.
  5. Nesting tables in red oak

    After making projects for other people I finally got around to making something for my wife last year. She wanted some nesting tables to replace the store-bought ones that were damaged when we moved to our new home. I like to try new techniques with each project I make. This one was my first...
  6. Nesting side tables, maple and claro walnut

    I completed these nesting tables in about November 2008. It was a relatively simple project that took me a long time because I am a bit of a beginner. It was the first time that I used claro walnut which is an absolutely beautiful wood with swirls and color changes. The top is made from a...
  7. Nesting Tables

    My wife had (notice the word "had") three Nesting Tables made of pine. One of the legs broke off the smallest one and she started acting like, well those of you who are married know… anyway I told her I'd make her a new one. And you can't make 1 oak table to replace 1 pine table, so I had to...
  8. Boca Brewery Birdhouse and Feeder By Greg Zirbel

    Artist Greg Zirbel The Boca Brewing Co. located just south of the convergence of the Little Truckee River which drains through the Boca dam and into the Truckee River was one hopping place. One of the best known California breweries of the 19th century started operations in 1876. Boca Lager...
  9. Mahogany Nesting Tables

    I bought a sheet of mahogany plywood that had a beautiful book-matched grain pattern that resembled a flame. I tossed several ideas around that would highlight the pattern so it wouldn't go to waste on the inside of a cabinet or something. Anyway, we bought new furniture for the living room...
  10. Finishing
    I wasn't sure how to search for this and didn't see anything so I started a new topic. I want to add some decorative paint to some of my products. A little pinstripe or a flower. I don't see aerosols being a problem but what about wipe on finishes? Will mineral or Danish oil remove the paint...
1-10 of 10 Results