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  1. Nested Spalted Maple Serving Trays

    These serving trays were made as a Christmas gift and are made entirely of Spalted Maple. They're made to…well…nest. I never worked with Spalted Maple and I'm amazed at the look of it. The sides are joined with compound mitered dovetails and the bases are screwed on with the screw holes...
  2. Nested American Chestnut

    American Chestnut Bowls - a friend commisioned a set of 4 nested, decorative/utility bowls. She left the choice of wood to me and I happened to have the good luck of coming across a downed American Chestnut tree. It had been down for quite some time and I turned around 8 bowls to get these four...
  3. Nesting side tables, maple and claro walnut

    I completed these nesting tables in about November 2008. It was a relatively simple project that took me a long time because I am a bit of a beginner. It was the first time that I used claro walnut which is an absolutely beautiful wood with swirls and color changes. The top is made from a...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    I could NOT help passing this on! It was included in a recent Instructables email... ... Now, have any of you seen this done before… Like this?! Enjoy!
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have three in stock-Trewax, Johnson's and Briwax. These are paste waxes, in the truncated can with the lid which requires a tool to remove. All three are different, so if you have used two or more of these products, I'm very interested in which you reach for first and for what. If you use...
  6. Finishing
    I wasn't sure how to search for this and didn't see anything so I started a new topic. I want to add some decorative paint to some of my products. A little pinstripe or a flower. I don't see aerosols being a problem but what about wipe on finishes? Will mineral or Danish oil remove the paint...
1-6 of 6 Results