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  1. Mission Arts and Crafts framed stoneware Landscape tile THE CLEARING s/n 64

    Antiqued gold finish frame inspired by a violin maker I met on vacation in Ames Iowa a couple weeks ago. In addition to handcrafting and restoring violins he hung his own original paintings in his shop. This frame design is inspired by his framing work. Mortise and tennon constructed frame is...
  2. three quartersawn white oak mortise and tenon framed tiles THE CLEARING

    Three quartersawn white oak frames. Mortise and tenon construction. Pegged. Three variations of the same stoneware tile. Photos one and two professional painted by my wife Peggy's sister, Susan Hamilton , artist, Seattle, WA. Photo three is in the bronze acid patina finish created in my shop...
  3. Blogs
    eBay project selling topic Hello Thought if there is interest I'd start a blog about selling projects on eBay. Regards DAN
  4. Blogs
    Charles Rohlfs Oak Desk, Stickley Ellis Table & Iconic Crafts, Nelson Atkins Art Gallery Kansas City Wow! I made it, I finally made it, and oh what a surprise to find a museum with Iconic Furniture pieces intermixed with a lot of European, Asian, Native American, Egyptian, and some strange...
1-4 of 4 Results