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  1. hackberry and walnut coffee table

    nice little slab of hackberry made into a coffee table. walnut base. some ants lost their happy home! 24" at widest point 17" tall 60" long
  2. Rustic Aspen Bench

    Just had to share this natural shape. Aspen and weathered wood…probably Doug fir slab. No bottom cross piece…a great place for boots. Bruce
  3. Replica Of Celtic Blessing Cross From The Start Of Christianity

    This is the image of the cross from the rising of CHRISTIANITY. Many of the crosses from those time, saved until this time - lost some parts. I've restored several different destroyed crosses in the one cross. The cross made for Celtic bishop. The oak is the Holy Wood for celts. So because of it...
  4. Live Edge Maple Bench Light Spalting

    5' long, 14" wide, and 17" tall, this live edge Maple bench is assembled with mortise and tenon joints. I used the outer slabs from the log to form the vertical legs, and ripped another live edge flitch down the middle to create the cross support. There were only two cracks that went through the...
  5. Walnut cross with carved-in letters

    Walnut cross with carved-in letters. Made for order. Materials - walnut, natural pigment for letters; woodfinish - natural beeswax. Lengh of the cross - 4ft.
  6. Natural Edge Large Cedar Vase

    Nature's beautiful vase was always in this tree, I just made it visible. Turned, sanded, and sealed with tung oil. It may not be your cup of tee, but the customer loves it.
  7. Elm pie end table

    Got several pies from a very old elm tree that I will be making into tables for fun. The pie is Elm and the base is Hickory that I got from a pile of throwaways from a lumber mill. The pie is actually a branch from a 150+ tree. There are 70 growth rings in each side. It was cut down in 2012...
  8. Red Wood Burl Table with Blackened Cherry Base

    56"x30"x21" Redwood burl top, blackened cherry log bottom.
  9. Natural Band Saw Box From A Log

    February, 2010-After some heavy duty pruning on a bush out back, I figured I could turn a chunk of it into a band saw box. Well, I did it! Not sure i would want to do many more of these, but I learn a thing or two doing this. For instance, the darker brown color is exactly how the wood looks...
  10. Large Oak Natural Edge Bowl

    This is a natural edge, end-grain bowl I made from an oak that was cut in my neighbourhood. It is almost 14" on it's largest dimension and only about 1/8" thick. Since I turned it green and it is so thin, when it dried it bent in a unique fashion. I got into woodturning about 1 1/2 years ago...
  11. Crib Built from Pallets

    I was short on funds and was about to have a son. I was able to get some big pallets used to ship large generators for cell phone towers. I looked through magazines and catalogs until I decided on this design. I liked the look, but every one I had seen was made so cheap and out of thin wood to...
  12. Cedar natural edge bowl

    Cedar bowl, about 7" in diameter and 5" high. This bowl is almost not finished at all. It was sanded to 400 grit and then just waxed with a small amount of wax (I actually had to wipe most of wax off to make it look good). One of the reasons I do not want to put a hard finish like shellac on...
  13. A "Moses" Wood Spirit Carved Walnut Folk-Art Walking Cane with Deer Antler & Turquoise Handle

    ------------------------------ This cane has been "SOLD" and resides in Clements, Kansas USA Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a list of canes that I have built that are ready to ship...
  14. Spalted natural edge bowl

    One month ago I attended, for the first time, the wood turner's club in Jacksonville, Florida. They had a lottery with prises including freshly cut wood trunk pieces. Since there were more prises than people participating, I managed to get two large pieces which I promptly put in my car. I was...
  15. Unbalanced Oak Bowls

    Most people do not initially believe me when I tell them that I turned these two pieces (the last picture is a different bowl). They are nevertheless turned but some trickery is involved, as I will explain shortly. First, both bowls (or platters more likely) are made from local live oak, which...
  16. Oak Goblet

    I made this goblet some 8 months ago. At the time I was experimenting with a lot of this slender shapes (I have to start experimenting again soon). This one is only of average slenderness (I'll post some really slender ones when I take some pictures). In the second picture you probably notice...
  17. Rustic Hickory Ring Boxes

    Here are some pictures of the small, rustic hickory ring boxes I've started making. These were made from hickory that had been sitting up for a few years now, so the pieces are quite dry. I like using hickory for these because it holds the bark extremely well. The lid swivels to open and can...
  18. MINGUREN INSPIRATIONS (Out of the wood2)

    MINGUREN INSPIRATIONS 1790L x 400W x 360H Banksia and Salmon Gum Another piece currently on display at the "Out of the wood" exhibition. Since natural organic lines are always popular, I had to do something in that line…. Besides, everybody loves those butterfly keys! This coffee table was...
  19. Wall cross

    Wall cross. Cedar, natural beeswax…and three wooden nails.
1-20 of 212 Results