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  1. crooked whimsical birdhouse

    The challenge: no straight lines and no plan! Just do it! Materials consisted of whatever i could find anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Crosscut Walnut Slice Cutting board with cheese spreader / knife

    Actually cut on my mill, not just hacked out with a chainsaw! Finished with butcherblock foodsafe finish. I made a bunch of these without the knife & sold them fast for 50.00 with free shipping. These are 60.00 shipping included….. How many do you want?
  3. Real Wooden Mushrooms

    Here are some Real Wooden Mushrooms I turned the other night. The group of four are fairly small, see the second picture for a scale view against a Quarter. The last pic is of the BIG DADDY mushroom. These and many other items from Wisp Woods are for sale at Thanks for...
  4. Bowls from different natural wood

    I made many wooden bowls with the Arbortech tools, a quick way (If you do have a Lathe) to make bowls. Most of these wood pieces would end up being firewood If I did not get my hands on it first. Now hopefully they will last a long time. Made from Olive wood, Strawberry tree, Ocacia, in Hebrew...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hello! I found this idea online and I'm trying to replicate it in my entryway. However, instead of painting them, I would like to keep the natural appearance of the trees/branches (I plan on using birch or aspen). Can anyone tell me if there's something I can coat the branches with (ideally a...
  6. Blogs
    To Paint or Not to Paint? - Intarsia Woodworking To paint or not to paint? This is the question. I have recently come across several debates on the topic of painting or staining intarsia work to achieve the different colors in a piece. I have even asked a group of my peers how they felt about...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    If anyone owns Link a Belt like the one pictured, would you please trace me an outline of "ONE" of the links and email it to me.. 1/2" width type is what I'm looking for.. I lost the image that I had before, OLD AGE maybe.. I could just go buy one but it's cheaper this way..LOL I would really...
1-7 of 7 Results