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  1. Step Stool

    The "Big Girl" needed a step stool in the bathroom to reach things. This is made from southern yellow pine and walnut pegs. The finish is shellac with a paste wax top coat to smooth it all out.
  2. Shop Cart

    I seem to have misplaced the before photo. Curly maple on the frame with dark walnut top. We actually use this in the shop along with 4 others that are mostly original. 1 has a wooden wheel :)
  3. Valence

    The plastic valence on the new vertical blinds warped after one year in the summer heat here is Arizona, so I made a wooden one that was quite a bit heavier. This one is made from pecan wood and it is 80" long, 5" wide and 5/8" thick. I was going to put up steel L brackets and screw it in from...
  4. Coat rack and bench

    Thank goodness I only have two daughters! After finishing the window seat for my younger daughter's son's bedroom (posted it last year) my oldest got this idea from Pinterest. Thought it was a good idea for book bags coats and shoes in the mud room they added. Building wasn't a problem but...
  5. Nail Gun Organizer

    Built an organizer for my nail guns. Previously just had them standing on a shelf and a couple on peg board hooks.
  6. Step stool

    I made this step tool In my high school woods class. It is made out of white oak and is finished with antique cherry formbys tung oil. I used a special kind of router for the top piece of the wood, and I used pocket hole joints to join them. I made this project in the fall semester of my...
  7. Cedar fence shelf

    Recycled Cedar fence now a beautiful corner shelf.
  8. The other side of fine wood working, shipping crates

    Not everything is furniture or pretty. Since I "retired" I've picked up a job sub-contracting to build shipping crates for the Navy. This set holds 300 pound retaining pins for aircraft carrier arresting gear wire sheaves. I used Google Sketchup for the design and material estimates. The...
  9. Lumberjocking...Bigger crates

    Biggest crates to date 3 each 4 foot by 4 foot by 15 foot shipping crates for aircraft carrier catapult water brakes. Each water brake weighs 13,000 pounds. The cradles are 2 4×6s 44 inches long mated together with 3/4 plywood and bolted to the bottom with 1/2×14 carriage bolts. I cut the...
  10. Custom Fireplace Surround

    My wife and I have been gradually renovating our house. One of our bigger projects was to renovate the fireplace. When we bought the house, the fireplace had an ornate hood mounted over it which was very dated. I removed the hood, and along with the other renovations to the fireplace and...
  11. Air Compressor Cart

    This cart is from an online plan that's around. I've been trying to balance my actual projects with workshop organization a bit more since my shop is a mess but honestly I hate projects like this. It's just slapped together from whatever scrap I could find and nailed/glued and screwed together...
  12. Simple Cross Cut Sled

    A simple and easy to build cross cut sled. While the single block works as a blade guard (of sorts) I will be adding an extra block to it to make it thicker for when the blade is raised higher and cuts deeper in to the block (if that makes sense) Video build can be viewed here
  13. Wall Mount Wood Rack

    This is the other rack I have. It is also really rough, but is currently serving it's purpose. I wanted to use the 2×4's from the walls were we removing from our house for some thing and this sounded like a good idea. I decided to make this and my rolling rack hastily out of rough material...
  14. Compressor Cabinet with air outlets

    This is my compressor cabinet. It is 24"x24" by 36" tall. The 2 drawers are on full extension slides and hold my nail guns and other supplies. On the right side is the pressure regulator and 2 air outlets. These are recessed so they do not bump into anything as i move it around. The little cubby...
  15. Cedar Table Tops

    October, 2015-Two little outdoor tables needed new tops. I decided to try making some new tops with some cedar rescued from a pallet found at the curb. The pallet cedar was run through the planer to a consistent thickness, and to make it much smoother. Boards were laid side-by-side and upside...
  16. Bed 2

    This bed was created as apart of a bow front bedroom set. The foot-board has a bow front to it, though I do not have a better picture of it. The cap boards for the hb and fb, natural colored Sapele, were made out of lumber left over from a big job done for the Pentagon. The company I work had...
  17. Over the sink plant stand

    Plant stand
  18. Reclaimed Barn Wood Raised Bed Planter - Large

    Very simple build. This is a douglas fir raised bed we built and then coated with elastomeric paint. Then we did a lightly sandblasted mushroom wood facade. Mushroom Wood is one of the reclaimed materials we carry at our lot. It comes from barns where they grew mushrooms and the enzymes from the...
  19. Pallet Wood Place for Jesus

    [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] We've had a Nativity set like the one below for some years that we place outside during the Christmas season, but it was always just out there, with nothing to give even the illusion of shelter. Like most things, I had it on my list, just not very high up on said...
  20. Shelf space

    I just finished these shelves and desk. shelves are 36' long and stand floor to ceiling. Desk is 7' long.
1-20 of 42 Results