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  1. Classic-style Screen Door Retrofit

    Not only was my back screen door dead (as you can see from the second picture) but also the way the screen was held in was poorly designed. Given that mess, I decided to build my own inner frame to not only hold the screen in a reasonable way, but also add kid/pet resistance and look good. And...
  2. Cartoon Style Moustache Fridge Magnet

    Cartoon Style Moustache Fridge Magnet Great addition to every fridge He has two strong magnets inside. He also has felt pads on the back that will protect your fridge from scratching. Size: 25 cm length and about 8 cm height Availible at my Etsy Shop...
  3. Beard Combs

    1 - Here's a selection from my first batch of beard combs showcasing different woods for the grip. I have one more in wenge, one more in African mahogany, and two more in curly maple. I've quickly fallen in love with bocote, which makes up the main body for each of these. Each one is shaped a...
1-3 of 3 Results